Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tourbillon CastleTourbillon Castle

The magnificent Tourbillon Castle is located in Sion that lies in the southwestern part of Switzerland. It was constructed by Bonifatzy Shallan in the 13thth century and has been a witness to many events and intrigues of the past. The Tourbillon Castle had its own share of troubles when it was destroyed in the 15 century. However, Bishop Giyom VI restored the castle to its earlier glory besides adding a chapel to it. But the Tourbillon Castle was destroyed again in 1788 by a raging fire that damaged it beyond repair.

The Tourbillon Castle is in ruins now though it still continues to reverberate with untold tales of its past. The castle has served as a residence to a number of princes - bishops of Sion. As you cross the wall gates of the majestic Tourbillon Castle, you reach the territory of ensemble with eminent Donjon above the ruins. The chapel has a conical dome that is supported by columns with carved capitals. A few wall-paintings fragments still remain as proofs of the Tourbillon Castle's past glory.

A visit to the Tourbillon Castle truly adds up to an experience of a lifetime. As you relive the medieval splendors of the castle, you are also treated to a range of scenic delights that simply take your breath away. Enjoy this and much more as Switzerland Flexitours takes you on a wonderful tour around the Tourbillon Castle.

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