Thursday, October 9, 2008

Schloss Habsburg, Aargau Canton

Schloss Habsburg, Aargau Canton

The Schloss Habsburg (Aargau Canton) castle was built somewhere in the 11th century and stands proudly on the summit of the Wulpelsberg peak. The castle was also the former seat of the counts of Habsburg whose ancestors played a major role in shaping the history of Europe.

Work on the Schloss Habsburg castle started around 1028 AD and it took quite a number of years before the castle finally saw its completion. However, the Schloss Habsburg (Aargau Canton) castle was passed to Bern in the 15th century. It was subsequently used as a farmhouse till it was acquired by the Canton of Aargau in 1804.

With a captivating old worldly charm about it, the Schloss Habsburg is certainly worth a visit. Every inch of this elegant castle speaks of its rich past and glory. In fact, you will simply be left spell bound as the past springs to life right in front of your eyes.

Part of the residential building and the terrace at the Schloss Habsburg are now used as a restaurant. It is indeed a delightful experience to enjoy some mouth-watering dishes as you bask in the ancient glory of the Schloss Habsburg castle.

It must also be mentioned that the Schloss Habsburg is open all throughout the year for you to enjoy its splendor.

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