Thursday, October 9, 2008

Schloss Burgdorf, Berne Canton

Schloss Burgdorf, Berne Canton

Situated on a rocky outcrop, the Schloss Burgdorf castle in Berne Canton is indeed a majestic sight to behold. It was built somewhere in the 12th century by the Dukes of Zahringen who traced their roots to a dynasty from Baden in Germany. The senior line of the dynasty soon became extinct but a junior line survived through the ravages of time and succeeded as the margraves of Baden. They were given the titles of Grand Dukes later in 1806.

It was in 1384 that the Schloss Burgdorf was passed on to Berne and became a bailiff's castle. Some parts of the castle now houses a number of district administration offices besides an excellent museum. The museum displays a number of priceless artifacts and relics of the region's past. It is indeed a wonderful experience to watch history come alive in front of your eyes as you bask in the old worldly charm of the place. It must also be mentioned that the Schloss Burgdorf museum is only open during weekends from April to October.

Switzerland Flexitours invites you to indulge in an experience worth cherishing for a lifetime. As time stands still, go ahead and witness the splendors of the Schloss Burgdorf in Berne Canton and garner a bagful of memories to last a lifetime.

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