Thursday, October 9, 2008

Chillion CastleChillion Castle

The Chillion Castle is considered to be one of the most impressive relics of Switzerland's past. Located between Montreux and Villeneuve, the castle is indeed an interesting sight to behold. If we try to delve into the castle's history, we get to know that it stands in place of small fortress that used to guard an important trade route to Italy through the St Bernard's pass. The fortress originally belonged to Princes - Bishops of the medieval era. Around 1150 AD, the fortress came under the Princes of Savoy who wielded a lot of power during those times.

In the 13th century, the fortress acquired its present appearance that continues to fascinate many across the globe. As it towers over a small rocky island, it is wonderfully reflected in the clear water of Geneva Lake. The Chillion Castle has inspired many poets, writers and artists till date with its sheer majesty and gothic beauty.

The Chillion Castle has witnessed a number of intrigues and other political events that shook it from time to time. For instance Bonivard, a strong supporter of Church Reformation was imprisoned at the order of the Duke of Savoy who was a jealous supporter of Catholicism. Bonivard spent the whole four years in the castle chained to a post, until he was released by Bern Protestants in 1536.

The Chillion Castle undergrounds that were cut out inside the rock, served as an arsenal for Bern Canton troops. One of the most important attractions of the castle is the Grand hall that is decorated with the emblems of Dukes of Savoy. The hall has also retained its gorgeous painted ceilings and the massive fireplace. It is really interesting to take note of the columns cut out of oak-trees, the antique furniture and the collection of tin goods. You can also explore the Knight's hall, Duke's bedroom and the Judgment Hall as you unravel the delights of the Chillion Castle. Besides, the in house chapel showcases some wonderful wall-paintings fragments.

As you explore the Chillion Castle you will come across a remarkable museum located in the ancient square tower. Dedicated to the ancient glories of the castle and the region, it is indeed a place to visit. A number of valuable archeological findings occupy the pride of place at the museum. The she-wolf sculpture, fed Romulus and Remus, wall paintings, copy of Mark Aurelius bust (original version is displayed at the Lausanne museum), bronze statues of Mineura, Juno, Bacchus, coins, stamped in Aventiqum.

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