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Travel in Switzerland

Travel by Train in Switzerland There are many efficient and pleasant ways of traveling in Switzerland. Public transportation in Switzerland is among the finest in the world. The trains, funicular railways, cable cars, and ski lifts offer tourist access to the scenic spots of Switzerland and inaccessible areas on tours of Switzerland. The Swiss Pass, which allows tourist to travel on various forms of public transportation, is a convenient and economical option for tourists on tours of Switzerland. Some of the travel options which you can avail of air from travel by air and travel by train while on Switzerland Flexi Tours are:

Travel by Train in Switzerland

Scenic trains such as the Willem Tell Express, Glacier Express and Mont Blanc Express help you chug along winding Alpine heights peppered with flower meadows, Swiss chalets, mountain farms, glassy lakes, majestic glaciers and snow-capped mountains. Switzerland Flexi Tours offers to arrange for you to book scenic Swiss train tours and see romantic Switzerland in all its pristine purity.

Swiss scenic trains that offer you grand hospitality and traditional Swiss charm while you take in spectacular Switzerland panoramas connect almost all Switzerland attractions located on brilliant Alpine heights. Travel over funicular tracks, mountain bridges past glacial waters and centuries old hamlets as you enjoy scenic train travel in Switzerland with Switzerland Flexi Tours.

Travel by Road in Switzerland

Travel by Road in Switzerland

Sunny yellow Post buses travel on over 700 routes across Switzerland, providing tourists with complete tours of Switzerland by road. Tourists can also hire cars and drive across Switzerland on its excellent autobahns and roadways. Do remember people drive on the right side of the road in Switzerland and all road signs are marked in kilometers. Bicycles are also available for hire and cycling across Switzerland, which is not a large country, can easily be accomplished by intrepid cycling enthusiasts. Cycles can be hired at over 200 railway stations across Switzerland. These include children's bicycles and geared bikes for mountain riding. The cycles can be returned to any other railway station where bikes are rented out, making it convenient for a tourist to plan a bicycling tour of Switzerland. Cycling paths are clearly marked and the rolling hills and splendid scenery make cycling tours of Switzerland a popular attraction.

Travel by Water in Switzerland

Travel by Water in Switzerland

Switzerland has many beautiful lakes and rivers. Many of these are connected by an efficient system of waterways on which around 170 watercraft navigate and carry passengers on cruises for business or pleasure. The craft range from impressive steamers to motorized cruise ships with dining and entertainment on board. The Swiss Boat Pass is a convenient and economical way of traveling across Switzerland by water, because it allows tourists to travel on a range of watercraft across Switzerland.

Enjoy the various means of travel in Switzerland on tours of Switzerland with Switzerland Flexi Tours.

Flights to SwitzerlandSwitzerland Flexi Tours

Airports in Switzerland

The best way to travel to Switzerland from an international destination is by air. Switzerland has a number of excellent international airports, where you can arrive for tours of Switzerland with Switzerland Flexi Tours.

Geneva Airport

Geneva is an elegant and busy city with many international institutions including the United Nations head office. Geneva is connected to the rest of the world by Cointrin International Airport which is located 5 Km from the center of the city. Flights to over 90 destinations take off from Geneva airport. The duty free area has a\shops that offer fine Swiss chocolates, cheese, watches, jewellery and fashion. The nursery and sleeping rooms provide travelers with a welcome break and the Geneva World Trade center and Palexpo convention center are very near by. Efficient trains connect Geneva airport with nearby locations.

Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport is situated 12 Km from the center of the city. Over 60 airlines fly to Zurich airport. The airport has shops, restaurants, banks, a post office, drugstore, a nursery and car rental services. Baggage carts that can move up and down escalators, easy customs clearance, and spacious lounges are other attractive features of Zurich airport.

Berne Airport

International flights to many European cities take off from Berne Airport, Train and bus services connect Berne airport to other cities within Switzerland. Fly Rail, an hourly train connects Berne airport to Zurich and Geneva. Basel airport is also situated nearby.

You can shop at the duty free arcades and enjoy the facilities of Switzerland's efficient airports.

Montreux - SwitzerlandSwitzerland Flexi Tours

The Tourist city of Montreux

Switzerland flexi tours take you to the tourist city of Trendy Montreux. The city of Montreux has large old-world-style hotels and relaxing atmosphere. The city is located in a resort area on the eastern end of Lake Geneva. The tourist city of Montreux displays historic architecture, the picturesque lanes, historical sights and exclusive shopping facilities. Montreux its neighboring villages has a mild climate, which makes it a climatic resort all the year round and earns it the name of Vaud Riviera for its lakeshore. On the shores of the lake you will find fig, bay, almond and mulberry trees and even cypresses, magnolias and palm trees flourishing at truly Mediterranean temperatures. On your Switzerland tour you can enjoy the numerous international festivals of the city such as the Montreux Jazz Festival, the International Choral Festival and the September Musical Concert. Day trips can be made to visit the Nestle Chocolate factory in Broc, Gruyeres, a charming hilltop town surrounded by a wall and dominated by a castle to see the dairy and cheese factory. For a magnificent view, board one of the Panoramic or Super panoramic express trains. They pass through spectacular scenery along the Bernese Oberland route, on tours of Switzerland, Europe.

Restaurants in Montreux

The charming Swiss resort of Montreux offers many options for gourmets to dine on delicious Swiss cuisine. If you're a budget traveler then don't worry, you can find many reasonably priced places to eat too. There are many eateries near the station on Avenue des Alpes, where you can enjoy a meal for around Fr 12-14. Some restaurants also have open-air terraces with views of the lake, which add to the dining ambience.

Some of the eating-places to stop by, on your culinary tour of Montreux, are the self-service restaurants at Migros, 49 Avenue du Casino and Restaurant City, no. 37 Avenue du Casino. If you're a pasta lover, don't miss Brasserie des Alpes, at no. 23 Avenue du Casino.

If an oriental ambience appeals to you, then try the Palais Hoggar at 14 Quai du Casino. Famous for its Moroccan Mint Tea and reasonably priced Arabic Meals, this restaurant in Montreux also offers a great view of the lake.

Montreux's most famous tearoom is the Confiserie Zürcher, at 45 Avenue du Casino. Its reasonably priced fare, wide choice of cakes and pastries, and street-side location with large windows, makes it a great place to relax and watch the world go by.

For traditional homemade Swiss cuisine try La Petite Brasserie Alsacienne or Le Flamm'sCaveau des Vignerons. on Rue de la Corsaz or dip into the fondue at

If the gourmet experience is what you desire, then Switzerland's best restaurant Rochat, at 1 Rue d'Yverdon, Crissier or Le Pont de Brent, both of which have been awarded 3 Michelin Stars, are not to be missed, though your wallet will be significantly lighter by the time you leave.

Enjoy dining at Restaurants in Montreux on tours to Montreux, Switzerland, with Switzerland Flexitours.

Tours to Interlaken SwitzerlandInterlaken

The Tourist city of Interlaken

Switzerland flexi tours takes you to Interlaken, the main tourism hub for the Bernese Oberland region in Switzerland. A tour to Interlaken Switzerland makes an excellent base for day trips to nearby towns, lakes and mountains. The tourist city of Interlaken lies between two lakes, Brienzer See and Thuner See. On Interlaken tour you can enjoy fairly stable and mild climate with simply beautiful surroundings. It attracts a large number of tourists who enjoy Switzerland holidays in the summer with concerts, equestrian events, tennis, hiking excursions and water sports. The surrounding countryside of the Bernese Oberland is filled with mountain chalets, ski lodges, hilly pastures, mountain peaks, glaciers and waterfalls, Alphorn blowers, yodelers and horse-drawn sleighs. Make your Interlaken tour more exciting with a ride on the train to the scenic mountains of nearby Jungfrau region, Kleine Scheidegg or to the top of Jungfraujoch. Good day trips include a visit to the village of Brienz to see Ballenberg and its outdoor living museum of old houses, where traditional crafts are demonstrated; a ride on the cable car from Stechelberg up to Murren; or a simple drive through the charming villages in the area on tours of Switzerland.

Restaurants in Interlaken

Balmer's Herberge

It is a sociable travelers' bar serving cheap beer of your choice. This restaurant in Interlaken is attached to the busy hostel in Interlaken, Switzerland. The Balmer's Herberge is known for providing services to the backpacking clientele who climb up to see these scenic views on Switzerland tours.

Brasserie 17

Rosenstrasse 17. Loud central bar, beneath the Happy Inn hostel in Interlaken, Switzerland, with cheap food and big beers.

Café Runft

Opposite West station in Interlaken, Switzerland . Café Runft is a cozy tearoom, snackerie and bar open daily until 3am.

Goldener Anker

Marktgasse 57. Goldener Anker is a local pub in Interlaken, Switzerland. The restaurant in Interlaken is popular amongst the tourists and is mostly packed with young people hanging out and shooting pool. The food is cheap and simple and occasional live bands fill out the atmosphere.

Panoramic Café

Top floor of Hotel Metropole, Hoheweg 37. At this restaurant in Interlaken you can enjoy panoramic views of the town and lakes of Interlaken Switzerland, from the outdoor terrace on the fifteenth-floor.

Positiv Einfach

Centralstrasse 11. Popular crowded little DJ-bar in the center of Interlaken Switzerland .


Höheweg 56. A tearoom-cum-restaurant in Interlaken, situated on the corner of the Höhematte in Interlaken, Switzerland. Schuh has supremely elegant interior preludes equally elegant tea-and-cakes, or Swiss cuisine, helped down by the cocktail pianist tinkling away in the corner.

Switzerland Flexi Tours, Tours to Switzerland


Hotel Lötschberg, General-Guisanstrasse 31. This restaurant in Interlaken serves quality Indonesian cuisine, including rijsttafel, a sample of many Indonesian dishes, filled out with a range of Indian dishes, with plenty for vegetarians. Menus around Fr. 22. The restaurant is closed on Tuesdays.

Piz Paz

Centralplatz. Pleasant but generic pasta, pizza and fish dishes for Fr.16 upwards, on a central crossroads in Interlaken, Switzerland. Closed on Mondays.


Casino Kursaal, Strandbadstrasse 44. Spycher is an entertainment complex, housing a casino, bars, cafés and a formal garden. This restaurant in Interlaken is dedicated to touristic dinner-plus-folklore shows. They run three to six nights a week, and you can just watch the dancing and alphorn blowing for Fr.16, or choose from five menus of typical Swiss fare for Fr.40-60, which include the show, your Interlaken Switzerland tour .

Zermatt - SwitzerlandTour to zermatt, Switzerland

Switzerland Flexi Tours features Zermatt as its destination of the month. Zermatt is a scenic destination situated at a height of 1,620 m and is known throughout the world as a world-class ski resort. You're sure to enjoy the clear air of the resort. It is a pollution-free resort, as no cars are allowed in Zermatt.

Zermatt has many luxurious hotels and guesthouses and it's a great shopping destination with a range of exclusive boutiques. Zermatt is a picturesque village in Valais canton, situated in the Matterhorn Valley. It is surrounded by a stunning landscape of snow clad peaks and icy glaciers. Tourists can see 38 peaks, all above 4000 m high, when they travel to Zermatt, Switzerland.

Zermatt's Summer Attractions

Zermatt in summer is a tourist's paradise. You can enjoy climbing, hiking, high-altitude tours, skiing and mountain biking through summer and autumn in Zermatt. You can ride on 6 drag lifts and take a cable car up to the ski slopes in summer. These rides are open from July to October end. While in Zermatt, do not miss the natural Glacier Palace. This tourist attraction is situated beneath the highest train station at Matterhorn glacier paradise. At a height of 3,810 m, the Glacier Palace is a fascinating glimpse into the beauty of the glacier-covered landscape.


Zermatt's Winter Attractions

Winters in Zermatt are full of activity and fun. You can enjoy a range of winter sports, such as skiing, snowboarding, dog sledding, and more. There are 45 Km of hiking trails marked along the hills for hiking enthusiasts to enjoy a safe and thrilling climb. Ski lovers have a choice of 313 Km of pistes or ski runs of varying levels of difficulty. The spectacular alpine scenery provides an unforgettable backdrop for your winter holiday in Zermatt.

Zermatt Highlights:
  • Free ski pass for children aged 8 and below
  • Air Zermatt offers Helicopter sightseeing flights
  • Visit the Glacier Palace in the eternal ice at Klein Matterhorn (height 3820 m)
  • Ride on the Matterhorn Express: a comfortable 8-person gondola ride from Zermatt via Furi to Schwarzsee.

    Zermatt Helicopter Tour

    Aerial flight over Mt Matterhorn
    Fly over the famous Mt Matterhorn and several other Alpine peaks, all of which are over 12000 ft or 4000 m. The peaks you will see are Mt. Matterhorn, Mt. Weisshorn, Mt. Ober Galbelhorn, Mt. Zinalrothorn, Mt. Breithorn and Mt. Monte Rosa. The 20 minute ride in a helicopter over a snowy landscape is an unforgettable experience.

  • Lausanne - SwitzerlandSwitzerland Flexi Tours, Cathedrale de Lausanne

    The Tourist city of Lausanne

    A Switzerland flexi tour takes you to the tourist city of Lausanne. The city has a population of about 125,000 with its port city, Ouchy situated on the northern bank of Lake Geneva, Switzerland. On Lausanne tour you can visit the older part of the city, called the Cite, its great fun to be here. Visit the port area, the 13th-century tower, the exquisite 12th-century Gothic cathedral and the 14th-century Chateau St. Maire on your tour to Lausanne Switzerland. The Art Brut Museum has interesting and inventive works done by unconventional artists. Lausanne Switzerland has been the headquarters for the International Olympic Committee and has a museum tracing the history of the Olympic games. Further on this Switerland tour head towards Chamonix to see Mount Blanc the tallest mountain in Europe. You can take a ride in the Cable cars that climb to a point near the top called Les Aiguilles du Midi, offering stunning views on clear days. There's also a cable car that goes to a glacier called La Mer de Glace. There you can walk upon and even go inside a tunneled portion of the glacier on your Switzerland tour.

    Tour of Lausanne

    Opera de Lausanne

    The city of Lausanne is famous for its opera season, which includes ballet performances, conferences, chamber music and recitals. These popular operas are performed at three different venues, Theatre du Jorat, Le Theatre Municipale and Theatre de Beaulieu. Every year it attracts almost 40,000 people. Enjoy the opera on your Lausanne tour, tickets are available at Billetel; outlets located around Lausanne or ask your hotel concierge.

    Cathedrale de Lausanne

    On tour to the tourist city of Lausanne you can visit the Cathedrale, the biggest and most beautiful gothic building in Switzerland. To take a view of the city climb to the top of the tower. The Cathedrale de Lausanne often hosts classical concerts.

    Orange Cinema

    The Orange Cinema has an enormous screen, sporting-type bandstand seats, and a café. On your tour to Lausanne, a visit to the cinema would be a good change. Watch for Surprise Night and Family Night; all films screened are blockbusters. You can buy tickets in advance at Ticket Corner in Lausanne, Switzerland.

    Orchestre de Chambre de Lausanne

    This chamber orchestra gives more than 90 concerts per year in Lausanne, throughout Switzerland and all over Europe. It has been playing publicly since 1942. The orchestra uses 42 musicians, the same as Mozart used in his last symphonies.

    Musee de Design ET d'Arts Appliques Contemporains

    After spending 33 years in Villamont Avenue, the museum of decorative arts has finally found a home at the prestigious Gaudard house in Lausanne, Switzerland, magnificently renovated for the occasion. The exhibition space is divided between temporary and permanent collections. There is a large collection of contemporary work by glass artists, together with very beautiful collections of ancient Egyptian and Chinese art by J. E. Berger.Switzerland Flexi Tours, Tours to Buffet de la Gare

    Restaurants in Lausanne

    Lausanne has an immense variety of eateries and restaurants, including cosy café's and vibrant café-bars where you can dig into local cuisine. The Vaudois cuisine, which is the native cuisine of this region has many mouthwatering dishes.

    You can try the delicious cheese dishes such as Malakoff and Tomme. For meat lovers, the saucisson vaudois which is a sausage made of smoked pork and beef sausage is not to be missed and its accompanying leek and potato puree called papet vaudois adds to the delicious treat. Fresh fish caught in the lake and cooked in different ways is another specialty of the eateries and restaurants in Lausanne.

    Some of the best restaurants in Lausanne are Rochat (nouvelle cuisine), La Grappe d'OrL'Ag Café du Grutli (brasserie), Le Shanghai (Chinese), Ma Jong (South East Asian), Laxmi (Indian), and Au Couscous (Arab food). (Gourmet French cuisine),

    Enjoy dining at on Swiss and international cuisine at restaurants in Lausanne, on tours to Lausanne Switzerland, with Switzerland Flexitours.

    The Tourist city of St. MoritzSwitzerland Flexi Tours, Tours to St. Moritz

    On Switzerland tours you can visit the scenic resort of St Moritz, situated in the southeast of Switzerland. The tourist city of St. Moritz is a perfect place to enjoy beautiful chalets, truly spectacular shopping, mountain views, skiing and relaxation. It's a good place to soak away the aches and pains that result from hiking in vertical scenery. On St.Moritz tours you can rejuvenate your body by taking a mud bath or getting an herbal wrap. One of Europe's finest hotels, the Badrutt's Palace Hotel is situated nearby. On your St. Moritz tours you cannot afford to miss train rides through the Alps. You must visit the small town of alpine village of Soglio, near the Italian border. The town is famous for its beauty and atmosphere. Nearby attractions include the beautiful unspoiled Engadine Valley and the Swiss National Park, which are situated at a distance of about 140 sq km.

    Eating Out in St. Mortiz

    St. Moritz tours are near incomplete if you don't check out the enchanting eating joints that compliment the lovely crisp cold St. Moritz. Regale undulating snow-capped vistas while you taste mouthwatering meals at the exotic St. Moritz eating joints. Check out the swanky Chesa Veglia located in the midst of Dorf. There are three exclusive dining areas within this plush joint, each a gourmet's delight.

    Head for Via dal Bagn, Bad, St. Moritz and enjoy a memorable Swiss meal at some of the most popular Switzerland eating outlets. Engiadina located at Plaza da Scuola, St. Moritz is a great favorite with budget diners. Gorge on delicious pastas, pizzas and ethnic Swiss delights at Boccalino. Magically flavored fish preparations, grilled food and more await you at the Veltlinerkeller, a well-known St. Moritz restaurant.

    Lucerne SwitzerlandSwitzerland Lucerne Tours, Tourist City of Lucerne

    The Tourist city of Lucerne

    With the population of 57,000 the tourist city of Lucerne is said to be one of Switzerland's most charming medieval cities. On your Lucerne toursKapellebrucke, the covered bridge and the nearby octagonal water towers are among the most popular tourist places to see on tours to Switzerland. Walk across the bridge to look at the paintings of Lucerne's history on the ceiling. You can visit the Jesuitenkirche; one of the oldest baroque churches in Switzerland situated near the southern end of the bridge. Other main attractions of the tourist city of Lucerne include the Rittersche Palast, an Italian Renaissance villa that has now become the seat of government for the canton. On the opposite side of the Reuss River are the Weinmarkt, Hirschenplatz and Kornmarkt, three squares surrounded by buildings with painted facades. You can view many interesting sites offered by the Old Town.

    On your Lucerne visit you can visit the Renaissance-style town hall on the Kornmarkt. The Museggmauer was part of the city's medieval wall. Nine towers remain with the Zytturm, large clock dating to 1535, is the most impressive. Another covered bridge, the Spreuerbrucke, was also once part of the city's fortifications. More recent attractions include the Kultur and Kongresszentrum a multipurpose complex designed by Jean Nouvel, housing the Kunstmuseum, Sammlung Rosengart and the Picasso Museum. Opera fans can visit the Richard Wagner Museum on their Switerland tours.

    To make the most of your tour to Switzerland you can take a trip via cable car from Kriens to Mount Pilatus, a huge mountain adjacent to Lucerne, for lunch and a panoramic view of the Swiss Alps. Other pleasant trips can be taken to Mount Rigi or Mount Titlis; by cable car. A half-day trip can be taken to the town of Altdorf, where the mythical figure of William Tell was supposed to have lived. Go high up in the hills on the other side of the lake (opposite Lucerne) to Burgenstock, an old-world-style resort area with charming hotels and outstanding views of the lake and environs, on tours to Lucerne Switzerland.

    Restaurants in Lucerne

    Switzerland Flexi Tours, Tours to Cafe Hug

    There are many fine restaurants in Lucerne that range from exclusive gourmet restaurants to quaint eateries offering local cuisine. A regional specialty is the Luzerner Kügelipastete. This dish consists of an outer crust of pastry containing a delicious mixture of mushrooms and chopped veal cooked in thick gravy. This authentic Swiss dish is sure to leave you feeling full and content on a tour of Lucerne.

    Restaurants in Lucerne also specialize in various fish preparations. The locally found trout and pike are cooked in different delicious ways and are a favorite with the local people, as is Kaffee fertig, a coffee made more potent by the addition of Schnapps.

    Eating out is a popular activity in Lucerne as can be seen by the profusion of eateries, café's, bars and restaurants in Lucerne, particularly around the Old Town square and on the lake waterfront. Another attraction of the city is the twice-weekly Old Town market. Tourists and local folk can be seen browsing through the stalls where local food, fresh fruit, vegetables, and fish, pies and pastries, dairy products, flowers, local jams and wine and local handicrafts are displayed. Don't miss the quaint weekly markets of Lucerne or the restaurants of Lucerne on tours to Switzerland.

    Some of the best restaurants in Lucerne are Opus (wine bar and café), Panorama (rooftop bar), Heini's Tearoom (patisserie), Jazz Kantine (café and bar) Café Parterre, and Café Hug.

    Enjoy dining on Swiss and international cuisine on tours to Lucerne, Switzerland with Switzerland Flexi Tours.

    Tours to Locarno SwitzerlandSwitzerland Flexi Tours

    The Tourist city of Locarno

    A Switzerland tour takes you to Locarno set the northern shore of Lake Maggiore. Though the city of Locarno was once the seat of the dukes of Milan, it has been Swiss since 1516. With Switzerland flexi tours you can visit the tourist city of Locarno, which has art galleries, excellent antiques and the Church of Madonna del Sasso.

    Locarno is a picturesque city, offering the visitors a chance to rest and renew their spirit in its many piazzas and outdoor cafes. On your Locarno tour you can enjoy a ride on the cable car while traveling for Cimetta, a belvedere with a wonderful view over the town and lake.

    Locarno tour will take you to the nearby town of Melide; the Swissminiatur provides fun for kids of all ages. It has models of hundreds of Swiss landmarks on a scale of 1:25. Melide also hosts an open-air film festival in summer.

    Switzerland Flexi Tours, Svizzero, Piazza Grande

    There are many other quaint villages in Locarno, Switzerland, offering spectacular scenery, peaceful lakes, stone churches and wine tasting. Among them are Ascona, Morcote, Gandria and across the border in Italy, Como, Luino and Campione. You can enjoy these lovely sights on your Switzerland tour.

    Restaurants in Locarno

    The large public square or Piazza Grande in Locarno has many pizzerias, eateries, and cafes where tourists can enjoy a meal while on tours to Locarno. The Inova department store has a self-service restaurant that offers reasonably priced fare. For delicious local cuisine including freshly caught fish from Lake Maggiore try dining at the restaurants in the streets of the old town.

    Some of the best restaurants in Locarno are, Centenario (nouvelle cuisine), Svizzero (Italian food), Cittadella (Italian and fish dishes), Cantina Canetti (regional cuisine and live music), Lungolago (pub and pizzeria), Bar del Pozzo (café-bar), Simba (bar with a DJ), NavegnaFunicolare (fish dishes). (Ticinese cuisine) and

    Enjoy dining at Restaurants in Locarno on tours to Locarno, Switzerland with Switzerland Flexitours.

    Tours to Lugano Switzerland

    Switzerland Flexi Tours, Tours to Al Portone, Lugano SwitzerlandSwitzerland flexi tours takes you to the city of Lugano.The city has been deeply influenced by Italian culture. On your tour to Lugano you can experience the gaiety and romance of Italy along with Swiss precision. The city of Lugano displays an Italian culture; language and food, yet its accommodations are spotlessly Swiss. Lugano city is situated on beautiful Lake Lugano between Mount San Salvatore and Mount Bre.

    On tour to Lugano you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Mount Bre while traveling by train. Visit the Villa Favorita, which is said to contain the second most valuable private art collection in the world, although some 800 of the paintings in this collection have been moved to the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid.

    Lugano now rivals Montreux as a jazz Mecca, with a yearly spring festival that lures big names from around the world. For a short tour from Lugano, you can visit the town of Bellinzona the place is visited by a large number of tourists, especially on Saturdays when there is an open-air market.

    Restaurants in Lugano

    Lugano has many interesting places to eat that range from traditional eateries to modern restaurants and hip bars. The center of Lugano has numerous small and happening places where you can enjoy a night out dining or clubbing with your friends on a tour to Lugano, Switzerland.

    Switzerland Flexi Tours, Tours to Tinera, Lugano Switzerland

    For the budget traveler the Inova Department store offers a self-service diner, which is easy on the pocket. There are also many mid-range restaurants in Lugano, where you can have a filling meal for a reasonable price.

    Some of the best restaurants in Lugano are Al Portone (gourmet fare), Montecristo (café-bar), Bottegone del Vino (wine bar), Olimpia (Italian food), Etnic (Mediterranean cuisine), Tinera, Salsita (Mexican food), Sayonara and Cafferia Cattedrale.

    When in Lugano you can partake of traditional Swiss and Italian cuisine. Restaurants that offer delicious local fare abound and offer fresh dairy produce and mouthwatering pasta, polenta, and lasagna as well as Swiss meats and preserves. Don't forget to try the local wine which is sure to complement your meal.

    The cosmopolitan city of Lugano offers many choices of international cuisine. The delicious food and wine and the ambience of this beautiful city make a trip to Lugano a memorable experience.

    Enjoy dining on Swiss and international cuisine on tours to Lugano, Switzerland with Switzerland Flexitours.

    Tours to Zurich Switzerland

    Switzerland Flexi Tours,Tours to Zurich SwitzerlandOn Switzerland tour you can spend your days in the lap of nature with clean air and sparkling blue water .The tourist city of Zurich has all this and much more to offer you on the tour. Zurich tours will take you to the most refreshing natural settings of any European city,which include a large lake,two rivers and tree-covered hills. On this Switzerland tour you can visit the old town of Zurich,which is filled with churches with tall steeples,medieval guildhalls,cobblestone alleys and trickling fountains. The city is also a center for contemporary art,alternative youth culture and an energetic party scene,as visitors are sure to discover for themselves on Zurich Switzerland Tours.

    Tour of Zurich

    Tour of Zurich will take you to Uetliberg,the tallest mountain near the city. Uetliberg is 2,856 ft high and offers one of the best panoramic views of the city and its surroundings. You can enjoy a great amount of adventurous activities like hiking trails and can relax at the restaurants,which would make your tour of Zurich,Switzerland,an unforgettable experience.

    Predigerkirche is a monastery and church in Zurich founded by Dominican monks,in the year 1230. Additions and alterations were made over the centuries,and the current interior dates primarily from the early 1600s. The high choir and massive organ are quite impressive.

    Rathaus is Zurich's refined town hall dating back to the 1600's.You can visit the Rathaus,built over the Limmat River on your tour to Zurich. It is still the seat of city and cantonal parliaments.

    Schweizerisches Landesmuseum
    On your tour to Zurich you can visit the Swiss National Museum. The Schweizerisches is a castle like structure,built in the 1890s,which replicates famous Swiss buildings and uses materials and decorative elements salvaged from all over the country. The exhibits at the museum detail the cultural and artistic history of Switzerland from the Stone Age to the present. You can find the Swiss-made weapons from medieval times,which form some of the interesting exhibits on display at the museum including impressive crossbows and swords. Other exhibited features include the medieval book illumination. Ever year six special exhibitions are staged at this museum.

    Switzerland Flexi Tours,Tours to Chinagarten

    You can visit this beautiful walled garden while on tour to Zurich. The Chinagarten is home to Chinese pavilions,arched bridges,a lake and an island. All the materials including wood,stones and the bricks used to construct the buildings in this park in Zurich,Switzerland,were imported from China.

    Bars and Lounges in Zurich

    The best gay dance club in the city,frequented by both men and women. The music ranges from house to progressive house to trance.

    This intimate bar-lounge is very stylish,with Asian touches. International DJs are flown in for special party events in the adjacent club. It has a trendy exclusive side the lower floor is reserved for members.

    Wings Bar & Lounge
    Former employees of now-defunct Swissair run this friendly airline-themed lounge with a retro-'70s look. It is a good place for a drink and snacks.

    Switzerland Flexi Tours,Tours to Jules Verne Panoramabar

    It is the largest club in Zurich with an adjacent hotel,restaurant and bar. It also offers popular concert space. The acts are usually national or international stars,performing anything from pop and rock to funk and jazz.

    Jules Verne Panoramabar
    Stop there for drinks and the view: This bar overlooks all of Zurich.

    Restaurants in Zurich

    La Salle
    La Salle is one of the most perfect restaurants in Zurich with sleek interiors,with a glass-enclosed dining room offering an adventurous menu and generous wine selections. The crisp Swiss dumplings served at the La Salle,are favorite among the locals.

    Kaufleuten is a baroque theater-turned-restaurant in Zurich that appeals to artists and businesspeople alike. Zurich's beautiful people meet there to feast on an array of international dishes and move on to a night of dancing at the adjoining dance club.

    It is a popular spot in Zurich especially at lunchtime for its variety of well-prepared pan-Asian dishes served in a casual atmosphere.

    Zunfthaus zur Zimmerleuten
    This restaurant in Zurich is carpenters' guild house that offers a unique ambience of the year 1336,when it was built. The restaurant's menu combines Zurich specialties with the chef's own innovations. At Zunfthaus zur Zimmerleuten you can try the Lake Zurich fish soup or the triple filet accompanied by rosti and cream sauce.

    Raclette Stube
    The most known restaurant in Zurich,Raclette Stube offers a charming and cozy ambience. From here you can take samples of local Swiss favorites of fondue and raclette. Among the favorite is the moitie-moitie fondue.

    Tours to Geneva Switzerland

    Switzerland Flexi Tours, Tours to L'Horloge FleurieGeneva is a cosmopolitan city in Switzerland with a population of 175,000. With Switzerland flexi tours you can visit the tourist city of Geneva. The city is located on the southwestern shore of Lake Geneva and has a relaxed and graceful atmosphere. In French the city is well known as 'Lac Leman'. On your Geneva tour you can visit the emblematic Jet d'Eau, a tall stream of water gushing from the lake, which is an elegant feature of this city. While on tour to Geneva, stroll through the Old Quarter, dotted with fountains, sculptures and frescoes. Visit the city's oldest square and a popular gathering place; known as Bourg-de-Four, here you can also visit the nearby St. Pierre Cathedral. Be sure to visit the interesting archaeological dig under the cathedral. You can relax at the Hotel de Ville, which is situated at the south of the cathedral. On Geneva tours you can also visit Place de Neuve, known as the main heart of the city's cultural life, with several theaters and museums nearby. Here you will find a wide array of boutiques in the Old Quarter, selling jewelry, watches and designer goods. Geneva has lots of parks for strolling or just relaxing. Among the favorites are the Jardin Anglais, featuring a large clock made of flowers, and the Park La Grange, with large Rose Gardens. On the opposite shore, the lake promenade to La Perle du Lac is also very scenic. Day trips to Geneva include a ferry ride on the Lake Geneva, a tour of one of the 21 castles on the lake or a hike through the nearby wine region with stops for samples along the way. Geneva is also close to the border with France, making it a good base for exploring the French Alps.

    Tour of Geneva:

    You will see many beautiful sights on your tour of Geneva, Switzerland.

    L'Horloge Fleurie
    On your tour to Geneva you can visit the L'Horloge Fleurie, the colorful clock built in 1955 as a living tribute to Switzerland's most venerated industry. With a diameter of 5 meters and a circumference of 15.7 meters, its 2.5 meter second hand is the longest in the world. The clock is designed, encompassing 6,500 plants, and set in the Jardin Anglais on the lakeside promenade. Every season a new design is created, which visitors can enjoy on their Switzerland tours. Switzerland Flexi Tours, Foire de Genève Travel

    Foire de Genève
    Foire de Genève is a popular exhibition at Palexpo, along with the International Motor Show. Every year many people, who come on Geneva tours, visit the place to see 600 exhibitors of fitted kitchens, food and drink, books, multimedia, furniture, household appliances and bathrooms. The exhibition space covers more than 1,500m and is only a hop, skip and a jump from the airport in Geneva, Switzerland.

    Maison Tavel
    You can visit the oldest standing private house in Geneva, Maison Tavel on your tour to Geneva. It got burnt down in 1334 and was rebuilt shortly afterwards. It is listed as a historical monument. Visit the cellar and its archaeological ruins, then go up to the ground floor to discover Geneva from the Middle Ages to the Restoration. On the first floor paintings, engravings and photographs depict the evolution of the city, and in the main hall woodwork, blacksmithing and ironwork by Geneva craftsmen of the 17th and 18th centuries are exhibited.

    Institut et Musee Voltaire
    It is a museum that has stood since 1954 in the former residence of Voltaire. You can visit the Institut et Musee Voltaire on your tour to Geneva. The museum is a center of research on the philosopher and the 18th century; it houses old editions, manuscripts, paintings, drawings and sculptures. You will find on display articles belonging to Voltaire himself giving a fascinating taste of the day-to-day life of the author. The library can be used by appointment in the mornings. The mansion is in the grounds of the Parc Delices which Voltaire himself described as "Les jardins d'Epicure". Admission is free for tourists in Geneva, Switzerland. Switzerland Flexi Tours, Parc des Bastions Travel

    Parc des Bastions
    One of the main tourist spots covered under the Geneva tours is the Parc des Bastions. It is a giant chessboard complete with chessmen and is popular with both players and spectators. You can also find a bandstand converted into a cafe/restaurant just behind the chessboard. Stroll down to the Mur des Reformateurs. This park is also the home of the Mairie and is the scene of many public celebrations; the now traditional May Day March finishes here. At the end of the year, a party for Geneva City primary school children, the fête des promotions, is thrown.

    Fondation Culterelle Islamique
    This Islamic centre was opened on June 1st 1979. The building contains a mosque, a conference room, a library, classrooms and a mortuary. The five daily prayers, the Friday sermon (djoumoua), Arabic language courses for children and adults and conferences all take place. The interior of the mosque is tiled mosaic and carved stone. Visitors can admire the beautiful work of Moroccan craftsmen on their Geneva, Switzerland tours.

    Le Salève
    It dominates the city of Geneva from all sides and locals spend much time on it. Take a cable car up the mountain or, if you prefer, climb up or go by car, and once you have reached the summit enjoy the spectacular view of Geneva and its surroundings. Nature lovers can take a walk and discover the interesting flora and fauna of the region. Enjoy the thrills of mountain biking, hang-gliding or rock-climbing. And before leaving, enjoy a drink or a meal on the terrace of the restaurant while taking in the view on tours of Geneva. Switzerland Flexi Tours, L'Escalade Travel

    L'Escalade festival is a patriotic celebration of the city's independence. On the night of December 11th, 1602; the Duke of Savoy's soldiers attacked the old walled town of Geneva. The locals defended their town as a woman named Mere Royaume emptied her cauldron of piping-hot vegetable soup over enemy soldiers. At five o'clock in the morning the invaders retreated, and Geneva kept its independence. The night is celebrated by eating vegetable soup and chocolate cauldrons filled with marzipan vegetables, and parades with period weapons and flame torches, pipes and drums. Costumes abound, giving protestant Geneva a carnival atmosphere, which you can enjoy on your Geneva Tour.

    Today Carouge is part of Geneva, but this was not always so. Until the 17th century the area was practically deserted and in 1754 Carouge became part of the Kingdom of Sardinia. King Victor Amedee III commissioned architects from Torino to design a town that he hoped would become Geneva's economic competitor. Still today, the minute you reach Carouge you feel as though you are entering a foreign village with its own identity and atmosphere. It is a real treat to stroll through this preserved late-18th century town; quaint narrow streets, old buildings, inner courtyards, flowered gardens, sidewalk cafes, churches, fountains antique shops and boutiques, as well as a colorful market on Wednesday and Saturday morning all add to its charm.

    Restaurants in Geneva

    Switzerland Flexi Tours, Restaurant Les ArmuresRestaurant Les Armures
    This restaurant in Geneva is popular for its magnificent Swiss food combined with rustic Swiss charm. It is Picturesquely situated near the old armaments square in Geneva's Old Town, A whole host of fondues and raclette await you, as well as a mix of other specialties. The hotel's claim to fame is that more than one American president has enjoyed its hospitality, like Jimmy Carter and the Clintons.

    Brasserie Lipp
    Brasserie Lipp is an ideal brasserie in Geneva known for a number things like its huge ornate mirrors, yellow patterned tiling and somewhat aloof waiters dressed in the traditional long white aprons. Although there is a solid selection of traditional French cuisine, the food does not much extend from typical brasserie fare featuring dishes such as choucroute. It might fairly be dubbed a shade expensive; the main highlights for many guests are the lovely flowered terrace featuring an old fountain, and the fact that they are open late.

    Relais de L'Entrecôte
    Relais de l'Entrecôte is the perfect choice of restaurant in Geneva, if you fancy steak; there is a set option for the first two courses: a lettuce and walnut salad to start, entrecote with a tasty sauce and a platter of crisp thinly-sliced French fries as the main course, and a selection of tempting desserts such as crème brulee or chocolate profiteroles to follow. A long narrow Parisian-style bistro aligned with dark wooden tables and panelling, this is a popular and lively restaurant, but not one for intimacy or private conversations.

    Le Bearn
    Le Bearn is one of the renowned restaurants in Geneva. The cuisine at the Le Bearn displays a light and modern take on classic French fare, with a preference for truffles. Winter diners at Le Bearn may even encounter a rich truffle-based menu, exquisite to the last morsel of truffle-laden dessert. The restaurant offers an imperial style, which is quite formal, with salmon-colored tablecloths and ornate decorative objects. Le Bearn is perfect for conducting business meetings. You can find an extensive list of wines at Le Bearn.

    Opera Bouffe Opera Bouffe is one of the most popular restaurants in Geneva offering a golden, baroque-like interior. The restaurant is composed of three rooms, which include large rooms for conducting group events. The restaurant offers international menu, which varies monthly comprising of three 'acts' rather than courses. One of the main features of this restaurant in Geneva is that it offers dishes being presented elaborately. Polished wooden floors and candlelight ensure the restaurant is always aglow with a warm and homely atmosphere. You can find an extensive list of wines at Opera Bouffe.

    It was the first Asian fast food restaurant in Geneva. The day when this restaurant in Geneva was inaugurated, it has become increasingly popular, especially among the expatriate community. This restaurant in Geneva offers an excellent variety of curries and other Thai dishes, at great prices. Centrally located close to the station, McWong is open on Sundays for the enjoyment local residents and tourists on Geneva, Switzerland, tours.

    Tours to Berne Switzerland


    The Tourist city of Berne

    Switzerland tours will take you to the capital city, Berne. Though the city is small it is home to many picturesque sites. On Switzerland tours you can visit many sites dating back to the 15th century.

    The city of Berne derives its name from the German word for bear. It is also known for its Bear Pits where you can see real bears. Switzerlandflexitours will take you on tours to Berne Switzerland where you can visit the 12th-century Clock Tower, the Botanical Gardens, the Kunstmuseum, the Albert Einstein House and the vaulted arcades in the center, which is one of the best places to shop around.

    The city of Berne is very much accessible and it's easy to get around here. The best way to tour the city is on foot. On your Berne tours you can get the feel of the small city with a pleasant weather.

    Berne has an excellent network of buses and trams that criss-cross the city. Berne is an ideal base for touring the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland. The best way to travel is by train.

    Art Café

    Eating Out in Berne

    Eat out at the plush eating joints while you tour the attractions of Berne on a Switzerland tour with Switzerland Flexi Tours.

    Visit the ethnic Kornhauscafe that used to be a granary in olden times. Order traditional Swiss desserts, cream delights and mouthwatering sandwiches. Enjoy enchanting Swiss folklores while gorging on delicious Swiss fare drenched in Alpine beer brews at the famous Kornhauskeller restaurant.

    Wooden floors and traditional Swiss décor enamor you while you enjoy budget meals at the Quartiergasse restaurant located near Lorraine in Berne, Switzerland. Every meal at the Kornhausplatz 17 restaurant is a food fiesta.

    Those who wish to enjoy expensive Swiss dining must definitely dine at the popular Du Nord restaurant.

    Chalets Switzerland

    A chalet is a traditional Swiss style house. It has originated near the Alps region. Its roof was sloped and wide eaves. Such traditional houses were commonly known as ski resorts in America. The chalets traditional houses were common in United Kingdom and other European countries in the early to mid twentieth century. The size of the Chalets may vary from one bedroom to over seven bedrooms.

    Pigeon Forge chalets are a unique alternative to more typical cabin lodgings. The chalets in Switzerland include decks with mountain views and outdoor hot tubs. It offers the perfect stay for honeymooners or other romantic getaways. Come to Switzerland to access exciting and romantic activities like hiking, and sightseeing.

    You can find chalets which can accommodate large group of families also. Inside it you can cable TV, game tables and other amenities that make it a perfect staying place for large families with lots of children. You can find a wide variety of chalets in Switzerland, and you can choose your stay in Chalet according to your budget.

    Apartments Switzerland

    The apartments in Switzerland provide temporary lodging facilities for the tourists. These apartments in Switzerland are having number of bedrooms available with additional indoor or outdoor facilities. Switzerland is a world-class tourist’s destination and you can find number of renowned corporate apartments in its downtown areas. Apartments in Switzerland offer temporary and interim accommodation facility to the tourists.

    You can ensure a comfortable stay in these apartments in Switzerland. In fact, it provides more convenience than hotels. There are a variety of apartments available in various sizes and with a wide range of facilities and amenities. You can find standard facilities such as a business center, swimming pool, playground, clubhouse, tennis courts, and tanning bed are also available in some luxury apartments. Here you can also find a fully functional kitchen including a refrigerator, microwave oven, washer and dryer etc.

    Modern corporate apartments in Switzerland provide luxury stays to the customers. You can stay in the various available apartments according to you budget. The apartments in Switzerland are located close to public transports, restaurants, Internet centers, and convenience stores.

    Wellness Hotels Switzerland

    Switzerland Flexi toursSplash around in thermal pools, invigorate with fragrant mud baths and Finnish therapies as you gaze at snow-capped peaks while rejuvenating in style at wellness hotels in Switzerland with Switzerland Flexi Tours.

    Alpine fiestas, exotic mountain lakes and delightful flower meadows enthrall you into fascinating dreams while your body and soul revives with exotic Swiss spas and age-old wellness cures.

    Some of the popular wellness hotels in Switzerland are:
    Wellness Hotel Chasa Montana, Samnaun
    Wellness Hotel Silvretta, Samnaun
    Wellness und Ferienhotel Post
    Romantik Hotel, Schwefelberg
    Hotel Belvedere, Scuol
    Hotel Serpiano, Serpiano
    Solbad Hotel, Sidriswil
    Kulm Hotel, St. Moritz
    Hotel Des Trois Couronnes, Vevey
    Park Hotel, Vitznau
    Wellness Hotel Rossili, Weggis
    Wellness Beauty Hotel Graziella, Weggis
    Park Hotel Weggis Relais & Chateaux, Weggis
    Gerbi Hotel, Alexander
    Hotel Hof Weissbad, Weissbad
    Hotel Seeblick, Wienacht
    Grand Hotel Des Bains, Yverdon les Bains
    Alpenhof Zermatt Hotel
    Romantik Hotel Julen
    Hotel Mirabeau Alpine
    Residence Wellness and Spa
    Mont Cervin Palace
    Riffelalp Resort 2222 m
    Hotel Castell, Zuoz
    Park Hotel Bad Zurzach
    Turmhotel, Zurzach
    Hotel Pirmin Zurbriggen, Saas-Almagell
    Ferienart Resort & Spa, Saas Fee
    Hotel Rosatsch, Pontresina
    Residence Rosatsch
    Swiss Holiday Park, Morschach
    Raffles Le Montreux Palace, Montreux
    Le Mirador Kempinski, Lake Geneva, Mont Pèlerin
    Wellness & Spa Hotel Beatus, Merligen
    Villa Sassa Hotel & Residenz, Lugano
    Palace Luzern, Lucerne
    Esplanade Hotel Resort & Spa, Locarno
    Lindner Hotels & Alpentherme
    Sources des Alpes
    Wellness-Hotel Grichting and Badnerhof, Leukerbad
    Hotel Bristol, Leukerbad
    Les Sources des Alpes
    Lenkerhof alpine resort, Lenk
    Royal Park Hotel, Kandersteg
    Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa, Interlaken
    Hotel Heiden, Heiden
    Grand Hotel Bellevue, Gstaad
    Wellness- & Spa-Hotel Ermitage-Golf, Gstaad
    Grindelwald Grand Regina Alpin WellFit Hotel, Grindelwald
    Sunstar Hotel Grindelwald, Grindelwald
    Park Hotel Waldhaus, Flims
    Hotel Adula, Flims
    Panorama Resort & Spa, Feusisberg
    WellnessHotel Kurhaus Cademario, Cademario
    Cacciatori Wanderhotel & Spa, Cademario
    Park Hotel, Bürgenstock
    Breiten ob Mörel - Bade- & Wellnesshotel Salina Maris, Braunwald
    Bellevue Fairytale Hotel, Braunwald
    Hof Ragaz, Bad Ragaz
    Albergo Giardino Relais & Châteaux, Ascona
    Parkhotel Delta, Ascona
    Arosa Kulm Hotel & Alpin Spa, Arosa
    Sunstar Parkhotel, Arosa
    Parkhotel Bellevue & Spa, Adelbode

    Apartments Switzerland

    The apartments in Switzerland provide temporary lodging facilities for the tourists. These apartments in Switzerland are having number of bedrooms available with additional indoor or outdoor facilities. Switzerland is a world-class tourist’s destination and you can find number of renowned corporate apartments in its downtown areas. Apartments in Switzerland offer temporary and interim accommodation facility to the tourists.

    You can ensure a comfortable stay in these apartments in Switzerland. In fact, it provides more convenience than hotels. There are a variety of apartments available in various sizes and with a wide range of facilities and amenities. You can find standard facilities such as a business center, swimming pool, playground, clubhouse, tennis courts, and tanning bed are also available in some luxury apartments. Here you can also find a fully functional kitchen including a refrigerator, microwave oven, washer and dryer etc.

    Modern corporate apartments in Switzerland provide luxury stays to the customers. You can stay in the various available apartments according to you budget. The apartments in Switzerland are located close to public transports, restaurants, Internet centers, and convenience stores.

    Switzerland Tour Packages

    Interlaken and Jungfraujoch

    Tour Package: Interlaken and Jungfraujoch

    Tour Duration: 3 days / 2 nights

    Valid from: 1st January to 31st December 2005

    Day 1: Arrive in Interlaken by 2nd class train from the airport or Swiss border. Stay overnight in Interlaken.

    Day 2: Take an excursion to Jungfraujoch (a mountain over 11,000 feet high) - also called 'The Top of Europe' and admire the stunning view of the Alpine landscape. Return to Interlaken to stay overnight.

    Day 3: Continue your journey within Switzerland or travel to the airport or Swiss border to proceed on your onward journey.

    Mystery Park Interlaken

    Tour Package: Mystery Park Interlaken

    Tour Duration: 3 days / 2 nights

    Valid from: 1st January to 31st December 2005

    Day 1: Arrive in Interlaken by 2nd class train from the airport or Swiss border. Stay overnight in Interlaken.

    Day 2: Tour the Mystery Park in Interlaken, where the unsolved mysteries of the world are displayed for your wonder and amazement. Stay overnight in Interlaken.

    Day 3: Continue your journey within Switzerland or travel to the airport or Swiss border to proceed on your onward journey.

    Swiss Classical ResortsTour Package: Swiss Classical Resorts

    Tour Duration: 4 days / 3 nights

    Valid from: 1st January to 31st December 2005

    Day 1: Arrive in Interlaken by 2nd class train from the airport or Swiss border. Stay overnight in Interlaken.

    Day 2: After breakfast at the hotel. take an excursion to Jungfraujoch (a mountain over 11,000 feet high) - also called 'The Top of Europe.' Here you can admire the stunning view of the Alpine landscape. Return to Interlaken to stay overnight.

    Day 3: After breakfast at the hotel, enjoy a day of leisure. You can take the train to the scenic town of Lucerne and stay overnight in Lucerne.

    Day 4: After breakfast at the hotel, continue your journey within Switzerland or travel to the airport or Swiss border to proceed on your onward journey.

    Switzerland Tour Packages

    Switzerland Tour Packages

    Switzerland Flexi Tours offers tour packages to Switzerland in Europe. Famous for the spectacular Swiss Alps, the beautiful Swiss landscape and for Swiss chocolates, Swiss cheese, Swiss watches and some of the world's best ski resorts, Switzerland is the prefect holiday destination.

    Switzerland is a landlocked country in Europe. It has a population of around 7 million people who speak a mixture of European languages including, German, French and Italian. Switzerland is a federal republic and is also known as the Swiss Confederation. The Swiss nation is made up of 26 cantons or self-governing regions. Switzerland is known for being the home of international organizations such as the United Nations and the International Red Cross. International events such as the Montreux Jazz Festival and the Locarno Film festival are held at Switzerland.

    Switzerland Flexi Tours offers Tour packages of Switzerland that cover the best destinations in Switzerland. From the towering mountains of the Swiss Alps to castles and churches in the Swiss countryside, to the modern cities and ski resorts of Switzerland, you can see it all on Tour packages of Switzerland with Switzerland Flexi Tours.

    Travel through Switzerland and see its scenic attractions, on tours of Switzerland with Switzerland Flexitours. On Switzerland Tour Packages you can travel on scenic train journeys and ride cable cars to the summits of towering Alpine peaks. You can play in the snow on the slopes of snow-clad mountains, ski down the alpine ski runs and gaze at the beauty of Alpine meadows, Swiss villages and chalets. See the wonders of Switzerland on Switzerland Tour Packages with Switzerland Flexitours.

    Switzerland Tour Itineraries

    Switzerland Tour Package: Charming Swiss Tour

    Tour Package: Charming Swiss Tour

    Duration: 3 days / 2 nights

    Day 1: Arrival at Lucerne, check into your hotel and relax. Stay overnight at Lucerne.

    Day 2: Travel aboard the paddle steamer William Tell and enjoy the scenic journey from Lucerne to Fluelen. Enjoy a three-course meal on board. Arrive at Fluelen and proceed by train to Lugano through the Gotthard tunnel, in 1st class cars with panoramic windows. Stay overnight at Lugano.

    Day 3: Return to the nearest airport at the end of your Charming Swiss Tour. You can also choose to extend your tour of Switzerland.

    Switzerland Tour Packages: Classic Alpine Glacier Express

    Tour Package: Classic Alpine Glacier Express

    Tour Duration: 3 days / 2 nights

    Day 1: Arrive in St Moritz or Zermatt, Switzerland. Check into your hotel and relax. Stay overnight at St Moritz or Zermatt.

    Day 2: Board the Classic Alpine Glacier Express Train, also known as the "Orient Express of the Alps." Ride in a heritage Pullman or Gourmino carriages furnished in a luxurious 1920's style. Listen to the expert travel commentary, which enhances the view of the Swiss Alps. Enjoy your apertif and lunch at the Gourmino Restaurant. Stay overnight at Zermatt or St Moritz.

    Day 3: Return to the nearest airport at the end of your Classic Alpine Glacier Express Tour. You can also choose to extend your tour of Switzerland.

    Switzerland Tour Package: Charming Swiss Tour

    Tour Package: Glacier Express in Winter

    Tour Duration: 3 days / 2 nights

    Day 1: Arrive in St Moritz, check into your hotel and relax. Stay overnight at St Moritz.

    Day 2: Board the Glacier Express for a tour to Zermatt. Enjoy the spectacular views of the Swiss Alps on your journey and lunch (optional) on board the Glacier Express. In winter the Glacier Express ahs only 1st Class coaches. Stay overnight at Zermatt.

    Day 3: Return to the nearest airport at the end of your Glacier Express tour of Switzerland. You can also choose to extend your tour of Switzerland and take an excursion tour to the Gornergrat, where you can see stunning views of Mount Matterhorn.

    Switzerland Tour Packages: Twin Peaks: Rhone and Glacier Express

    Tour Package: Twin Peaks: Rhone and Glacier Express

    Tour Duration: 5 days / 4 nights

    Combine two highlights in one tour. Travel from Geneva on the Rhone Express to Zermatt and from Zermatt on the Glacier Express to St Moritz.

    Day 1: Arrive in Geneva, check into your hotel and relax. Stay overnight in Geneva.

    Day 2: Travel aboard the Steamship Rhone and enjoy the pleasant journey from Lucerne to Montreux. On your way you will pass the famous 140 m tall fountain at Geneva, picturesque vineyards and towns and the beautiful Chillon Castle. Eat your midday meal in style on the upper class deck or the Belle Epoque Lounge. Disembark at Montreux and board the train to Zermatt. Situated at a height of 1620 meters Zermatt is a beautiful Alpine town and is a car-free zone.
    Stay overnight at Zermatt.

    Day 3: Explore the sights in and around Zermatt, Switzerland. You could go on an optional excursion to Gornergrat on a cogwheel railway line. Stay overnight in Zermatt.

    Day 4: Board the Glacier Express at Zermatt and travel to St Moritz. Enjoy the optional midday meal on this scenic train. Stay overnight in St Moritz.

    Day 5: Return to the nearest airport at the end of your Twin Peaks: Rhone and Glacier Express Tour. You can also choose to extend your tour of Switzerland.

    Switzerland Tour Packages

    Switzerland Tour Packages: Switzerland Rail Adventure

    Tour Package: Switzerland Rail Adventure

    Tour Duration: 8 days / 7 nights

    Day 1: Arrival at Lucerne, check into your hotel and relax. Stay overnight at Lucerne.

    Day 2: Travel aboard the paddle steamer William Tell and enjoy the scenic journey from Lucerne to Fluelen. Enjoy a three-course meal on board. Arrive at Fluelen and proceed by train to Lugano through the Gotthard tunnel, in 1st class cars with panoramic windows. Stay overnight at Lugano.

    Day 3: Explore the sights of Lugano, in southern Switzerland Relax in the Mediterranean ambience of Lugano and enjoy a walk on the promenade. Stay overnight in Lugano.

    Day 4: Board the Bernina Express at Lugano and travel to Tirano in Italy. On the way you will pass Mt Bernina and St Moritz. On this scenic journey you will see palm trees, snow-clad mountains and the Rhine Valley. Stay overnight in St Moritz.

    Day 5: Enjoy excursions in and around the scenic town of St Moritz, Switzerland

    Day 6: Travel on the Glacier Express from St Moritz to Zermatt. See panoramic views of the Alpine countryside as you ride on this famous train for 7 1/2 hours.

    Day 7: Enjoy a day of leisure at Zermatt. See the tourist attractions of this Swiss Town and stay overnight in Zermatt.

    Day 8: Return to the nearest airport at the end of your Rail Adventure Tour. You can also choose to extend your tour of Switzerland.

    Switzerland Tour Packages: Golden Swiss Trip

    Tour Package: Golden Swiss Trip

    Tour Duration: 8 days / 7 nights

    Day 1: Arrival at Lucerne, check into your hotel and relax. Stay overnight at Lucerne.

    Day 2: Enjoy a Lake cruise from Lucerne to Vitznau. See the sights of Lucerne including the wooden chapel bridge, the lion monument and picturesque villages along the lakeside.

    Day 3: Board the Golden Pass train to Interlaken. See panoramic views of mountain slopes and valleys with picturesque chalets. Stay overnight at Interlaken or Grindenwald.

    Day 4: Take a trip from Interlaken up to the Jungfraujoch, the highest railway station in Europe.
    See the snow covered Alps and the Aletsch Glacier, Europe's longest glacier which extends for 22 Km. Stay overnight in Interlaken.

    Day 5: If you stayed at Interlake then take the train to Grindenwald. Enjoy a cable car ride up to a height of 7113 ft. See the panoramic view of the Swiss Alps from the summit of the peak at Grindenwald. Stay overnight at Grindenwald or Interlaken.

    Day 6: Board the Golden Pass BSL train for a ride from Interlaken to Zweisimmen, passing through the rural Simmertal are where you can see Swiss cows grazing on the Alpine meadows. At Zweisimmen, board the Golden Pass Train to Montreux. Admire the view of Lake Geneva and the sprawling vineyards alongside. Stay overnight in Montreux.

    Day 7: Enjoy sightseeing in Montreux, the venue of an annual international Jazz Festival. Board the Swiss Chocolate Train and enjoy a ride to the Nestle chocolate factory. At the chocolate factory you can see chocolate being made and taste and buy chocolate. Also stop at Gruyere and see traditional Swiss cheese being made. Return to Montreux and stay overnight.

    Day 8: Return to the nearest airport at the end of your Golden Pass Tour. You can also choose to extend your tour of Switzerland.

    Switzerland Tour Packages: Switzerland Mountain Railways

    Tour Package: Switzerland Mountain Railways

    Tour Duration: 8 days / 7 nights

    Day 1: Arrival at Lucerne, check into your hotel and relax. Stay overnight at Lucerne.

    Day 2: Board the train from Lucerne to Engelberg. Take a cable car to Trubsee and then another cable car to Stand. Then board the revolving Gondola to the summit of Mount Titlis whichis 10,000 feet high. Return to Lucerne to stay overnight.

    Day 3: Take a train trip from Lucerne to Interlaken. Ride on the Brunig Railway to the Brienz, a village famous for its woodcarvings. Then take the Rothorn Railway to the Breinzer Rothorn, famous for its panoramic views and hiking trails. Travel from Breinz to Interlaken when you can stay overnight.

    Day 4: Explore the beautiful Bernese oberland. Travel from Interlaken to via Lauterbrunnen and Wengen up to Jungfraujoch, the highest railway station in the world. On your way you will see the Kleine Scheidegg at the base of the Mt Eiger North Wall. Stay for a second night in Interlaken.

    Day 5: Travel from Interlaken to Schynige-Platte by cogwheel railway. Explore the Alpine Garden and see the mighty Jungfrau, Monch and Eiger. Stay for a third night at Interlaken.

    Day 6: Travel by train from Interlaken to Zurich via Spiez and Brig. Enjoy the clear air of Zermatt where cars are not permitted. Stay overnight at Zermatt.

    Day 7: Travel by Cogwheel railway to Gornergrat and see the towering Matterhorn, Monte Rosa and other Swiss peaks. Stay overnight at Zermatt.

    Day 8: Return to the nearest airport at the end of your Mountain Railways Tour. You can also choose to extend your tour of Switzerland.