Thursday, October 9, 2008

Travel in Switzerland

Travel by Train in Switzerland There are many efficient and pleasant ways of traveling in Switzerland. Public transportation in Switzerland is among the finest in the world. The trains, funicular railways, cable cars, and ski lifts offer tourist access to the scenic spots of Switzerland and inaccessible areas on tours of Switzerland. The Swiss Pass, which allows tourist to travel on various forms of public transportation, is a convenient and economical option for tourists on tours of Switzerland. Some of the travel options which you can avail of air from travel by air and travel by train while on Switzerland Flexi Tours are:

Travel by Train in Switzerland

Scenic trains such as the Willem Tell Express, Glacier Express and Mont Blanc Express help you chug along winding Alpine heights peppered with flower meadows, Swiss chalets, mountain farms, glassy lakes, majestic glaciers and snow-capped mountains. Switzerland Flexi Tours offers to arrange for you to book scenic Swiss train tours and see romantic Switzerland in all its pristine purity.

Swiss scenic trains that offer you grand hospitality and traditional Swiss charm while you take in spectacular Switzerland panoramas connect almost all Switzerland attractions located on brilliant Alpine heights. Travel over funicular tracks, mountain bridges past glacial waters and centuries old hamlets as you enjoy scenic train travel in Switzerland with Switzerland Flexi Tours.

Travel by Road in Switzerland

Travel by Road in Switzerland

Sunny yellow Post buses travel on over 700 routes across Switzerland, providing tourists with complete tours of Switzerland by road. Tourists can also hire cars and drive across Switzerland on its excellent autobahns and roadways. Do remember people drive on the right side of the road in Switzerland and all road signs are marked in kilometers. Bicycles are also available for hire and cycling across Switzerland, which is not a large country, can easily be accomplished by intrepid cycling enthusiasts. Cycles can be hired at over 200 railway stations across Switzerland. These include children's bicycles and geared bikes for mountain riding. The cycles can be returned to any other railway station where bikes are rented out, making it convenient for a tourist to plan a bicycling tour of Switzerland. Cycling paths are clearly marked and the rolling hills and splendid scenery make cycling tours of Switzerland a popular attraction.

Travel by Water in Switzerland

Travel by Water in Switzerland

Switzerland has many beautiful lakes and rivers. Many of these are connected by an efficient system of waterways on which around 170 watercraft navigate and carry passengers on cruises for business or pleasure. The craft range from impressive steamers to motorized cruise ships with dining and entertainment on board. The Swiss Boat Pass is a convenient and economical way of traveling across Switzerland by water, because it allows tourists to travel on a range of watercraft across Switzerland.

Enjoy the various means of travel in Switzerland on tours of Switzerland with Switzerland Flexi Tours.

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