Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tours to Lugano Switzerland

Switzerland Flexi Tours, Tours to Al Portone, Lugano SwitzerlandSwitzerland flexi tours takes you to the city of Lugano.The city has been deeply influenced by Italian culture. On your tour to Lugano you can experience the gaiety and romance of Italy along with Swiss precision. The city of Lugano displays an Italian culture; language and food, yet its accommodations are spotlessly Swiss. Lugano city is situated on beautiful Lake Lugano between Mount San Salvatore and Mount Bre.

On tour to Lugano you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Mount Bre while traveling by train. Visit the Villa Favorita, which is said to contain the second most valuable private art collection in the world, although some 800 of the paintings in this collection have been moved to the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid.

Lugano now rivals Montreux as a jazz Mecca, with a yearly spring festival that lures big names from around the world. For a short tour from Lugano, you can visit the town of Bellinzona the place is visited by a large number of tourists, especially on Saturdays when there is an open-air market.

Restaurants in Lugano

Lugano has many interesting places to eat that range from traditional eateries to modern restaurants and hip bars. The center of Lugano has numerous small and happening places where you can enjoy a night out dining or clubbing with your friends on a tour to Lugano, Switzerland.

Switzerland Flexi Tours, Tours to Tinera, Lugano Switzerland

For the budget traveler the Inova Department store offers a self-service diner, which is easy on the pocket. There are also many mid-range restaurants in Lugano, where you can have a filling meal for a reasonable price.

Some of the best restaurants in Lugano are Al Portone (gourmet fare), Montecristo (café-bar), Bottegone del Vino (wine bar), Olimpia (Italian food), Etnic (Mediterranean cuisine), Tinera, Salsita (Mexican food), Sayonara and Cafferia Cattedrale.

When in Lugano you can partake of traditional Swiss and Italian cuisine. Restaurants that offer delicious local fare abound and offer fresh dairy produce and mouthwatering pasta, polenta, and lasagna as well as Swiss meats and preserves. Don't forget to try the local wine which is sure to complement your meal.

The cosmopolitan city of Lugano offers many choices of international cuisine. The delicious food and wine and the ambience of this beautiful city make a trip to Lugano a memorable experience.

Enjoy dining on Swiss and international cuisine on tours to Lugano, Switzerland with Switzerland Flexitours.

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