Thursday, October 9, 2008

Switzerland Tour Packages

Switzerland Tour Packages

Switzerland Flexi Tours offers tour packages to Switzerland in Europe. Famous for the spectacular Swiss Alps, the beautiful Swiss landscape and for Swiss chocolates, Swiss cheese, Swiss watches and some of the world's best ski resorts, Switzerland is the prefect holiday destination.

Switzerland is a landlocked country in Europe. It has a population of around 7 million people who speak a mixture of European languages including, German, French and Italian. Switzerland is a federal republic and is also known as the Swiss Confederation. The Swiss nation is made up of 26 cantons or self-governing regions. Switzerland is known for being the home of international organizations such as the United Nations and the International Red Cross. International events such as the Montreux Jazz Festival and the Locarno Film festival are held at Switzerland.

Switzerland Flexi Tours offers Tour packages of Switzerland that cover the best destinations in Switzerland. From the towering mountains of the Swiss Alps to castles and churches in the Swiss countryside, to the modern cities and ski resorts of Switzerland, you can see it all on Tour packages of Switzerland with Switzerland Flexi Tours.

Travel through Switzerland and see its scenic attractions, on tours of Switzerland with Switzerland Flexitours. On Switzerland Tour Packages you can travel on scenic train journeys and ride cable cars to the summits of towering Alpine peaks. You can play in the snow on the slopes of snow-clad mountains, ski down the alpine ski runs and gaze at the beauty of Alpine meadows, Swiss villages and chalets. See the wonders of Switzerland on Switzerland Tour Packages with Switzerland Flexitours.

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