Thursday, October 9, 2008

Castle in GruierCastle in Gruier

Gruier is a medieval village that is located at the foot of the ancient Gruier Castle. Built in the 11th century, the Castle of Gruier derives its name from the crane (this bird was depicted in the Court of arms of Earl Gruyere Rudolf the IIIrd, who started the construction of the castle. You are almost transported back in time as you cross the castle's impressive frontiers. The courtyard at the Castle in Gruier is surrounded by buildings and walls that date back to the 12th century.

As you explore the Castle in Gruier, you will note that its interiors are a combination of different styles of architecture. From feudal architectural styles to the luxurious elegance of the 18th century, you can see them all. It was the Bovey artists that designed this elegant castle that simply fascinates the mind. It must also be mentioned that the Castle in Gruier has been a proud host to many aristocratic guests who were simply overwhelmed by their stay.

The first arched hall at the Castle in Gruier houses a great collection of art works. Other elegant and luxurious halls follow that display rich collections of antique furniture. The Earl's hall is a must visit place with its Renaissance style d├ęcor, marvelous goblins and stained-glass windows. You will also come across a beautiful hall dedicated to a peasant girl. The girl in questioned was greatly admired by one of the Earl's who ordered a number of luxurious apartments for her.

The St. John chapel at the Castle in Gruier is a wonderful combination of Roman and Gothic architectural styles of architecture and is a must visit site. The 16th century altar and the stained glasswork that depict the emblems of the Earls of Gruyere are indeed an experience to remember.

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