Thursday, October 9, 2008

Castle in Eglet

Castle in EgletEglet is a picture perfect town that is situated on the plains of Switzerland. Complete with lively narrow streets and splendid houses, Eglet is truly a treat to the senses. It formerly belonged to the Earls of Burgundy before it came under the Princes of Savoy. Eglet produces some of the best wines you can ever taste. In fact, the famous 'Royal Eagle' brand is produced here along with a variety of semi sweet white wines. As you explore this wonderful town, you will come across a majestic castle with peaked towers that would simply fascinate you. Well, this is the famed Castle in Eglet that was built by the Princes of Savoy in the 13th century.

The Castle in Eglet was burnt down in 1475 but was reconstructed after some time when the town passed on to canton Bern. The circular patrol road that passes along the covered walls of the Castle in Eglet has still managed to retain the traces of old wall paintings that used to adorn them earlier. The main tower at the Eglet Castle houses a wonderful museum that harks back the Eglet's history and the development of wine making in the region.

The main building of the Castle in Eglet is a fascinating collage of architectural styles that date back to different periods of history. However, the gothic element is the common thread that links all the architectural forms on display. As you tour the Eglet Castle, you will come across a hall that displays antique furniture and archives. Besides, the hall also offers a lot of information about the winemaking industry in the region. You will also be able to visit a historical building located near the Castle in Eglet that a rich musical collection of organs including the real size copy of the first organ that was made in 246 BC.

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