Thursday, October 9, 2008

Swissminiatur, Lugano

Swissminiatur, LuganoSprawled over 14,000 square meters of rippling greens the exotic Swissminiatur in Lugano, Switzerland offers you everything from restaurants, children's park, boutique shops and magical activities.

Refreshing greens peppered generously with bright blossoms form the base for an exotic theme park that exhibits Swiss architectural heritage and showcases the developments in Swiss transportation in a delightfully enchanting manner at the Swissminiatur open-air museum in Lugano, Switzerland.

Tours to Swissminiatur in Lugano inspires the romantic in you. Feel completely bewildered and pleasure-struck as you see artistically executed miniatures of famous Swiss buildings, the exotic Swiss Alps and famous mountain lakes apart from the miniature presentations of the rail transportation system that forms the lifeline of tourism in Switzerland, Europe.

The sheer pleasure of experiencing the wonders of Mount San Salvatore, scale models of famous Swiss trains, mountain cableways and funiculars are beyond description. You enjoy all this in the lap of nature cosseted with more than 15,000 varieties of fragrant flowers.

See perfect miniatures of the Madonna del Sasso, Locarno, Chillon Castle near Montreux, Saint Pierre Cathedral in Geneva, ICRC Headquarters in Geneva, Main Street and Arcades in Murten, Burgdorf Castle and other important Swiss architectural wonders at the Swissminiatur museum in Lugano, Switzerland.

Swissminiatur was inaugurated in 1959 in Lugano on the scenic shores of Lake Ceresio, Switzerland. Swissminiatur is well connected by trains, cars and boat from Lugano that is well connected to different parts of Switzerland.

Swissminiatur in Lugano, Switzerland is open from 19 March to 30 October daily, from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m in a year.

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