Thursday, October 9, 2008

Winters in Switzerland

Onion MarketWinter in Switzerland is a joyous time of fun, feasting, local festivals, Christmas, snow and skiing. There's a lot you can do in winter in Switzerland from shopping at Christmas markets, to international competitive winter sports events, to participating in the various cultural festivals, Ice sculpture competitions, and musical events, held across the country. Some of the main events you can witness on Switzerland Flexi Tours are:

Onion Market

Berne the capital of Switzerland, celebrates an Onion festival at its Zibelmarit or Onion Market. The center of the town is taken over by Onion traders and various events are held to celebrate the humble Onion. This is one of the popular local festivals and tourist attractions that you can see on tours to Switzerland.

Swiss Christmas Markets

Christmas markets are very popular events in Switzerland in the winter. The largest Christmas Markets are held in Basel, Zurich, Geneva, Bern, and Montreux. In Zurich the Christmas Market or Christkindli Market is held indoors in the main railway station in Zurich. Goods sold at these markets include Christmas decorations, local food including Swiss chocolates, Swiss cheese and other dairy products, meats products including sausages and pies and various kinds of confectionery. Enjoy shopping at the Christmas Festivals in Switzerland with Switzerland Flexi Tours.


This annual festival is celebrated in Geneva before Christmas. It is celebrated on a weekend near December 11. Citizens celebrate the victory of the city over the invading Duke of Savoy and his troops on December 11 1602. The troops used ladders to scale the city's walls and the word "Escalade" refers to this act of aggression. The city of Geneva was defended by the brave Swiss who were armed with artillery, small hand weapons and according to legend, marmite or vegetable soup! The story of Mère Royaume, a Swiss woman who threw her cauldron of hot vegetable soup at a group of attacking soldiers and made them fall back, is re-enacted on Escalade. Troops also sip cups of vegetable soup while watching the reenactment of the attack and its defeat. Chocolate versions of vegetable soup pots are also sold as a popular confection. A colorful parade proceeds through Geneva, passing through the heritage sites of the old town. Groups of children, wearing colorful costumes, wander through the streets and sing on the happy occasion of Escalade. Christmas


Christmas Day is celebrated with great joy and feasting across Switzerland. Markets, houses, hotels and ice skating rinks are decorated with lights. Christmas trees and Santa Clauses are seen everywhere. People visit each other and exchange gifts. Carol singing, musical and cultural events are held in villages and towns. Christmas brings out the best of Switzerland, as you'll see on tours of Switzerland with Switzerland Flexi Tours.

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