Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mystery Park, Interlaken

Mystery Park, InterlakenEnjoy the most enchanting riddles and piquing multimedia presentations that excite and educate you during your tours to Mystery Park in Interlaken, Switzerland. Mystery Park Tours with Switzerland Flexi Tours will transport you into a wonder world where you delve deep into the unsolved mysteries of the Earth.

Mystery Park was designed by Erich von Daniken and features seven pavilions that explore possible explanations and solutions to some of the major secrets of the world.

The seven pavilions are:

Challenge - that delves into the concept of outer space and visits to Mars
Vimana - tries to figure out the reality behind the "flying vehicles" mentioned in the great Indian epics, Mahabharata and Ramayana.
Nazca - delves into the secret of Nazca lines close to Peru
Orient - discusses the mysteries related to the Pyramid at Giza
Mega Stones - tries to solve the mysteries related to the Stone Age.
Contact - explores the concept of cargo cults.
Maya - is an effort at finding out more about the Mayan calendar.

There are fun activities for all age groups at the Mystery Park in Interlaken, Switzerland. The perfect holiday diversion for those on tours to the exotic Swiss Bernese Oberland, the Mystery Park is an exclusive theme park with massive theme pavilions and buildings connected to each other by glass corridors that offer you a warm cocoon as you see snowing vistas outside.

The Nazca Pavilion at the Mystery Park Interlaken is an interesting haunt to frequent in the late evenings as screening of educative yet entertaining films take place here. There are 7 massive pavilions that feature some special theme that magnetize you into wondering about the mysteries shrouding Mother Earth. Glean information on the Pyramids of Egypt, the Maya civilization and temples of India as you tour the Mystery Park in Interlaken, Switzerland.

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