Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mountaineering in Switzerland

Switzerland Flexi Tours, Matterhorn ToursThe Swiss Alps are a mountaineer's paradise in Switzerland. The Matterhorn is considered one of the toughest peaks in the world to climb and the entire Alpine region offers mountaineers many opportunities to test their bodies and minds to the limit while mountaineering in Switzerland. The Swiss Alps are an important physical feature, which influence the climate and ecology of Switzerland. Starting in France, the Alps range over most of Switzerland (around 60%) and extend into neighboring Austria.

The Jura Mountains are another mountain range, which you can explore on Tours of Switzerland. The highest mountains in Switzerland are the Dufourspitze, which rises to a height of 15,203 feet high, the Dom, which is 14,913 feet high and the Matterhorn, which rises to an altitude of 14,691 feet. Mountaineering Tours of the Swiss Alps and Jura Mountains with Switzerland Flexi Tours offer you exhilarating journeys through Switzerland.

Matterhorn (Zermatt)

The best known of Switzerland's Mountains, the Matterhorn with its razor sharp silhouette is a familiar image to mountaineers worldwide. The nearby town of Zermatt is thronged with mountaineers seeking to scale the Matterhorn. Considered one of the most difficult peaks to climb due to its steep slopes and snowstorms and avalanches near the summit, the Matterhorn is scaled by many climbers every year now. Guide ropes and pitons placed on the mountain, help climbers to scale this landmark mountain on adventure tours of Switzerland.

Switzerland Flexi Tours, Mt. Pilatus Tours

Mt. Pilatus

This mountain near Lucerne is a popular destination for mountaineering tours of Switzerland. From the slopes and peak of Mt Pilatus, mountaineers can see stunning views of the Swiss Alpine region including Lake Lucerne. With an altitude of 6,995 feet or 2,132 meters, Mt Pilatus is a comfortable climb for anyone with some experience of climbing. There is also a train that takes you near the summit. The uphill climb takes over five hours from the base at Alpnachstad. Climbing down takes less than four hours so you can easily take a mountaineering tour of Mt Pilatus in a day. Enjoy a mountaineering tour of Mt Pilatus with Switzerland Flexi Tours.


Situated in the Bernese Oberland the Grindelwald region is known for the Faulhorn peak that rises to a height of 8,796 feet or 2,681 meters. A hotel at the summit of Faulhorn offers spectacular views of the Bernese Oberland and the Bachsee Lake. Nearby attractions include the scenic mountain pass of Grosse Scheidegg, Meiringen known for its Sherlock Holmes Museum and the Rosenlaui Glacier.

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