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Swiss Boat Cruises

Swiss Boat Cruises
Swiss boat cruises on cool mountain lakes with snow-capped mountains looking down on you is an experience that converts a mere holiday into an enchanting memory for a lifetime.

Boats on Lake Lucerne


  • Lucerne - Weggis - Vitznau - Beckendried - Brunnen - Fluelen
  • Lucerne - Kehrsiten - Stansstad - Alpnachstad
  • Lucerne - Kussnacht am Rigi

The flotilla on lake Lucerne comprises of five nostalgic lake steamers and 15 elegant salon motorboats. Ride any of these luxury boats and set out on an enchanting boat cruise on the glassy Lake Lucerne. Together, these twenty boats ply the lake on various routes for over 24 miles. Admire fjords, bays and rolling meadows as you enjoy your Swiss boat cruises.
Tour the Ruetli Meadows, where the Swiss Confederation was founded in 1291,William Tell's Chapel, and Schiller Rock.

The boat runs daily all year round. These boat cruises give you an added advantage of taking you to resorts, hiking trails and cable car stations. An excellent excursion departing from Alpnachstad is by world's steepest cogwheel train to Mt. Pilatus. In Lucerne, Brunnen, Fluelen and Alpnachstad; passengers have the option to connect to international train routes. Apart from the Wilhelm Tell Express, various other arrangements that are offered are - The Lunch Boat, the Cake Boat, sun down cruise, Fondue Boat, the Indian Buffet, the Sushi Boat and the Jazz cruise on the steamer, as well as many more special offers of musical and culinary sort. All boats provide excellent cuisines.

Boats on Lake Geneva
Geneva - Lausanne/Evian - Vevey - Montreux - St. Gingolph
Enjoy fun boat cruises on Lake Geneva, i.e. the largest lake in central Europe. For more than 130 years now, the Belle Époque lake steamers take tourists on cruises on water routes in the waters of Lake Geneva. Dine on on-board restaurants and regale glorious sunsets that bathe the mountains and waters in dreamy hues.

Scan the shores of Lake Geneva for Swiss castles and treat yourself to adventures as the boat calls on places that are gateways to other exciting adventures, such as taking the cogwheel train to the Rochers-de-Naye or Les Pleiades, or the Swiss chocolate train going to Gruyeres and Broc. The boat runs frequently in summers while in winters the schedule is reduced.

Boats on Lakes Thun and Brienz

  • Thun - Interlaken West
  • Interlaken East - Brienz
The lakes Thun and Brienz are home for a fleet of 15 boats, of which two boats are paddle steamers. Boat cruises on lakes Thun and Brienz give you an opportunity to drink in raw Swiss beauty. Cosseted by imposing mountains, the Lakes Thun and Brienz perfect vistas of panoramic Switzerland. See castles, parks and churches on the banks of lakes Thun and Brienz while you enjoy your boat cruises. Feast your eyes on wild country delights and dense pine forests that border Lake Brienz.

Boat cruises on Lake Biel, the River Aare, and Three - Lakes

  • Lake Biel cruises: Biel - Erlach - Biel
  • River Aare cruises: Biel - Solothurn or viceversa
  • Three- Lakes cruise: Biel - Erlach - Murten or vice versa

The lake Biel fleet has 9 boats, including the MobiCat, which is the world's largest solar catamaran. This unusual yet elegant boat operates purely with solar energy and specializes in brunch lake cruises every summer weekends and can be rented for private events. Lake Biel is fringed by romantic vineyards and some of the prettiest hike trails including the ones on St. Peter's Island. Stop in Ligerz and visit the Vintner's Museum or take the Vinifuni to Preles, from where you enjoy breathtaking views.

One of the prettiest river cruises is between Solothurn and Biel on the Aare. Here one gets to see the Altreu with its delightful stork colony and Buren, a charming medieval village that is known for a beautifully crafted wooden bridge.

Lake cruises on serene Switzerland lakes offer you the perfect opportunity to date this paradisiacal land with Switzerland Flexi Tours.

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