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Hiking in Switzerland

Switzerland Flexi Tours, Hiking in SwitzerlandSwitzerland is known as a hikers paradise. The best time to go hiking in Switzerland is during the summer and autumn, from May to October. Nature trails, hiking paths, trekking routes and Alpine mountaineering tracks are clearly marked with colored signposts all over Switzerland. The total distance of hiking trails which have been marked in Switzerland is around 50,000 Km or 30,000 miles. The three different types of hiking trails are:


These routes are marked with yellow signs and they are meant for everyone. Even if you have no prior experience of walking or climbing these gentle paths should not pose a problem to a person in normal health with a zest for adventure and comfortable pair of walking shoes. Enjoy wandering along the wanderweges of Switzerland with Switzerland flexi Tours.


These routes marked with red and white signs, are mountain tracks that lead to higher altitudes. Meant for climbers with some experience these routes will prove tough for a beginner.

Alpine Routen

These Alpine routes are meant for experienced climbers who travel with local guides. Marked with blue and white signs, the Alpine routes are high altitude paths, which have ropes, pitons and cables fixed at difficult sections to help climbers.

You can also enjoy walking around the cities of Switzerland. Hiking tours of the historical sites, medieval churches and castles and countryside near major towns are popular with tourists who wish to stay near the cities. Enjoy hiking tours of Switzerland with Switzerland Flexi Tours.

Best Regions for Hiking Tours in Switzerland

Switzerland Flexi Tours, Tours to Bernese Oberland

Bernese Oberland

The best region for hiking in Switzerland is definitely the Bernese Oberland. This scenic region abounds in the hills, lakes, glaciers, forested slopes and incredible scenic beauty with the towering Alps along the horizon. The Jungfrau region around Interlaken, the Stockhorn Nature Path and the Alpine Botanical trail are some of the popular trails here. The cable cars, caogwheel trains and funicular railways offer picturesque ways of reaching the summits of peaks and viewpoints in this region, from where you can enjoy a pleasant hike downhill.


The Alpenzell region is a beautiful area for a gentle hike over rolling meadows and nature trails which extend for 1200 Km or 750 miles. The greenery and scenic beauty have to be seen to be truly appreciated. Attractions of this region include miniature cattle - tiny cows that look like toy version of their larger bovine relatives.

Eastern Switzerland

The prefect place to visit in Switzerland if walking is your passion, the picturesque valleys and gentle hills of Eastern Switzerland make a pleasant place for a walking tour in Switzerland. The mountain goats and miniature cows make a pleasant diversion while you are walking along beside their lush fields.

St. Gallen

Known for its picturesque nature trails, St Galen has paved pathways that meander through the beautiful countryside where dairy farms, herds of cows and flower-filled meadows enchant the eye as you step out on a walking tour of Switzerland with Switzerland Flexi Tours. Other regions in Switzerland known for their scenic hiking trials are Ticino, south of the Alps and the Uetliberg, a mountain near Zurich where hiking trails offer spectacular views of the countryside. Enjoy walking through Switzerland on Walking Tours with Switzerland Flexi Tours.

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