Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bernina ExpressSwitzerland Flexi Tours

The Bernina Express is the highest and steepest train that runs in Switzerland. You can come across the Alpine delight in Graub√ľnden, during your travel in the Bernina Express. You can avail the splendid service of the Bernina Express, which offers breath-taking vistas from the magnificent first class and second class panorama cars. Experience your travel through galleries hewn into the sheer rock. Also pass through switch-back tunnels, alpine garden and along rushing mountain streams and glaciers. This train climbs up to 2253 m high Bernina Pass. It climbs to this high altitude without the help of a rack-and-pinion mechanism The Bernina Express runs daily in the summer. You can avail first class, second class and panoramic coaches services in this Express Train. But, before starting your journey, you should have entry documents for Italy as you will leave and re-enter Switzerland.

Bernina Express: The route

Chur-Albula Valley-Pontresina-Bernina Pass-Poschiavo-Tirano-Lugano

To start your journey on Bernina Express, travel from ice-age glaciers to palm trees in just two and half hours. Pass through the wild gorges, soaring bridges, fascinating loop tunnels and white glaciers close enough to reach Tirano. From this place, board modern buses to reach Lugano via Italian Valtelina Valley. The Rhaetian Railway's travel offers breathtaking views of the ice-age glaciers.

Chur is the starting point, of your tour. The tour continues along the Albula route into the Engadine. Continue your travel without cogwheels through the Bernina Pass down to southerly Valposchiavo and reach to Tirano. Cross the Alps from North to South (or vice versa). Enjoy ride over graceful via-ducts, through switch-back tunnels along rushing mountain streams and glaciers. You can also view the alpine garden. In the summers, the journey can also be extended to Lugano by bus. It takes 4hrs by train and 3hrs by bus to reach the destination


The wagons are the magnificent coaches. These coaches are air conditioned coaches. The only glass lies between you and the landscapes. You can hear the rushing streams in the mountains and can openly view the natural treasures. There are large windows extending to the top of the train, which provide an excellent view of outside to the travelers. The various air conditioned coaches are the Stiva Retica , Alpine Classic Pullman Express, The Starck Coach, Gourmino Dining Cars, Panorama Coaches, Historical Coaches and Wedding journeys.


In this train you may purchase snacks and beverages on board. There is a Minibar service inside the train on partial routes.

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