Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Wilhelm Tell Express

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The Wilhelm Tell Express runs and operates from 1st of May to the mid of October. The Central Switzerland and the Italianate Ticino are the two fascinating parts that are connected by the Wilhelm Tell Express. The Wilhelm Tell Express provides an opportunity to travel on a first class paddle steamer and the train journey. There is 1st class and 2nd class air-conditioned coaches. It is mandatory to make reservations of the boat and train. The reservation can be made 60 days prior from the date of journey. The Wilhelm Tell Express provides the Swiss lunch as well as detailed journey documentation. All patrons receive a 'Wilhelm Tell Souvenir'.

The Wilhelm Tell Express links German, Central Switzerland and with Italian speaking Ticino. The tour with Wilhelm Tell Express begins from Lucerne or Locarno. From Lucerne board a steamer that will cruise across the Lake Lucerne for 3 hours. Enjoy the delicious meal along the coastline cruise in the Lake Lucerne. After reaching Fluelen, step out of the boat to take a ride on train. At Fluelen, board an air-conditioned train and go through the steep ravines of the Reuss Valley, passing through the historic Gotthard railway tunnel. This tunnel is 15 Km long. On your 2 hours of journey you will come across the countless spiral and horseshoe tunnel. While entering the Leventina Valley, you will come across cantilevered bridges and charming villages.

This fascinating trip on the Wilhelm Tell Express will takes you to memorable tour of architectural masterpieces, myths and unseen sights of attractions. You will find a lot of opportunity to admire and experience dramatic mixture of scenery and legends. It is unparallel opportunity to experience the fascinations in the heart of Europe.


Wilhelm Tell - the Nation's Hero This event took place on the shores of Lake Uri. It was believed that Tell refused to bow down his head to pay respect to Altdorf , the Hapsburg invaders. Gessler, the Austrian governor ordered Tell to shoot an apple off his son’s head using a bow and arrow. He did it successfully. Later on, he turned the arrow head toward Gessler. He was arrested and bundled in a ship for this deed. However, Tell escaped by leaping bravely on a rock platform. This rock is now popularly known as the Tell’s Rock. Later he ambushed and killed the tyrant Gessler on a lonely road known as the Hohle Gasse.

Things to See

There are various sites of attractions around Lake Lucern like Hohle Gasse, Tell chapel etc. The magnificent monument of Altdorf and the Tell Museum in B├╝rglen, Wilhelm Tell are some of the attractions in central Switzerland.

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