Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tourist villages and Resorts of Switzerland

RinggenbergSwitzerland is Europe's most landlocked country dotted with many small, beautiful cities, picturesque villages and internationally known ski resorts. Some of the Tourist villages and Resorts of Switzerland are:


On your tour to Switzerland you can visit the tourist village of Ringgenberg, where you can visit Interlaken's lakeside neighbor, just minutes away by train, bus, car, footpath, or lake steamer. This small village in Switzerland is less crowded and prettier also. Ringgenberg is practically a suburb of Interlaken. The village center is just 3 km from Interlaken, and you can enjoy a walk to the shores of Lake Brienz through pleasant scenery.

St. Moritz

A Switzerland tour would take you to the resort of St. Moritz. The international resort is a popular place and a must visit site on your tour to Switzerland. The main village is St. Moritz Dorf, built on hills that rise from the northern side of Lej San Murezzan. Here most of the grand hotels, upscale shops, remnants of Engadine architecture, and urban amenities are located. St. Moritz Bad sprawls in the valley floor at the lake's southwest corner. It's modern, with a scattering of 19th Century buildings amid the apartment blocks and villas. The resort in Switzerland is an ideal place for sports lovers because of its cross-country ski center, public swimming pool, and ice stadium which are located in Bad.


You can visit the medieval town of St-Ursanne on your tour to Switzerland. The town dates back to the 7th Century. On tour to Switzerland you can visit the Collegiate Church belonging to 12th Century, and a statue of St. John Nepomucene, the patron saint of bridges, guards a stone bridge from the early 1600s. The town also has turreted gates, historic fountains, and remnants of an old castle on the ridge overlooking the valley. If you are interested in water sports then the river offers plenty of opportunities for trout fishing, kayaking, and other distractions. St-Ursanne is on the road between Porrentruy and Delémont, or about an hour from Basel with a shortcut through France.

Resorts of Scuol, Tarasp and Vulpera

The resorts of Scuol, Tarasp and Vulpera are scattered along the Inn River in the Lower Engadine region of Canton Graub√ľnden, not far from the Austrian border. Switzerland tours take you to the resorts of Scuol, Tarasp and Vulpera. During winters skiers and snowboarders flock to the slopes for good alpine skiing, snowboarding, ski touring, cross-country skiing. They also offer 30 km of winter walking paths. Of the three resorts, Scuol is the biggest and liveliest with more than 3,000 tourist beds in 20 hotels, some two- dozen restaurants, and a handful of bars. It also has the most skiing facilities, including 80 km of ski trails.



On your Switzerland tours you can visit the Swiss ski resort of Verbier, a French-speaking resort in Canton Valais. This resort in Switzerland has modern, well-organized sports complex that emphasizes serious skiing and nightlife rather than a traditional atmosphere. The town has the largest aerial cableway in Europe, with two gondolas that hold 150 skiers each. Verbier's winter season begins early and continues into April. The glacier on Mt. Fort offers summer skiing that you can reach by cable car.


Wengen resort in Switzerland displays spectacular scenery at the surrounding Alps. The Lauterbrunnen Valley, more than 1,500 feet below offers panoramic views. Although Wengen is one of Switzerland's premiere ski resorts it's even more appealing when the mountain slopes turn green, cows graze in the high meadows, and walkers can enjoy the vast network of well-marked hiking paths that connect Wengen with other villages in the region.

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Greg Witt said...

I'll add one great year-round resort to your list: Zermatt. At the base of the Matterhorn, it's a car-free village and a favorite of hikers. Even though the center of town is touristy, walk just five minutes and you'll be in some beautiful alpine settings. I guide hiking tours every summer for Alpenwild and we always love it.