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Panoramic Cable Cars - Switzerland

Panoramic Cable Cars - Switzerland

Cable railways in Switzerland:

Experience that delightful rush of adrenaline as you enjoy a panoramic cable car ride to some of the highest destinations in Switzerland. The way to the top of a summit may be strenuous but truly worth the effort once you have successfully scaled it. Besides, the 'Cable Railways Community of Interests' with the help of some technical miracles will ensure that you and your loved ones have the time of your life.

Adelboden (Bernese Oberland)
Cableways Adelboden

The Adelboden - Sillerenbühl cable railway gives you some breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and the valley from an impressive height of 1,974-metres.
One of the most popular attractions of Adelboden is the Sillerenbühl mountain restaurant that is an experience in itself. Instead of the half mountain journey, you can also choose to walk on the Vogellisweg from the Bergläger middle station up to Sillerenbühl. From sculptures and mountain streams to blossoming meadows, the walk would offer a whole range of scenic delights. Another option is the flower path from Bergläger, a 1-hour walk via Hahnenmoos to Sillerenbühl. A scooter ride into the valley would also be an exciting option for many.

Andermatt (Central Switzerland)
Andermatt Gotthard: sport, railways

The cableways in Andermatt go up to the Gotthard Pass, Oberalp, Nätschen, Gütsch and Gemsstock.
The journey up to Gemsstock deserves special mention since you get to enjoy some spectacular views of the Gurschen glacier enroute. Urserntal is a great for nature walks. As you enjoy a walk through the well-marked paths, you will be able to treat your eyes to some fabulous views of the mountains. Mountain bikers are sure to experience that rush of adrenaline as they hurtle through the mountain passes. The Gurschen - Andermatt theme path, which describes the barrier woodland, is another interesting option.

Bettmeralp (Valais)
Bettmeralp - Bettmerhorn

On reaching Bettmeralp, the cable railway takes you along the glacier to Bettmerhorn. The place boasts of an excellent mountain restaurant that offers excellent views of the sublime alpine scenery as it treats you to a number of gastronomic delights.
A three-minute walk from the restaurant takes you to the UNESCO stage - the massive Aletsch glacier that is 23 km in length. The permanent Art Exhibition "Art on Aletsch" or the new UNESCO Ice Room with its theme exhibition is another pleasant attraction.

Erlenbach (Bernese Oberland)
Erlenbach - Stockhorn
As you scan the horizon on reaching the summit, treat yourself to views of over 200 mountain summits including the Mittelland and Thunersee that are the most impressive. The panoramic restaurant and the summit gallery are places you must visit. With 70 kms of well-tended trails, hikers are promised a time to remember. The theme path "Habitats on the Stockhorn" (Chrindi Middle Station) opens up many natural secrets to you. The place also offers wonderful opportunities for mountain climbing and fishing. All railway buildings and equipment and the summit gallery are accessible by wheelchair.

Fiesch (Valais)
Fiesch - Eggishorn

Eggishorn stands at a height of 2926 meters above sea level and offers fantastic scenic delights. Meanwhile, the wonderful journey over the Fiescheralp is another thing you would enjoy as you make your way to Eggishorn.

Les Diablerets (Lake Geneva Region)
Glacier 3000

Enter a fascinating world that simply leaves you mesmerized. Glacier 3000 is a wonderful combination of contrasts (Green below but white at the top, hot underneath but cool at the top). Stand at the summit and let your eyes take in the 360° panoramic view offered. Trudge through the snow or enjoy a dog sleigh ride, you are assured of a time to remember. Glacier 3000 funicular takes you to 3,000 meters above sea level. The bottom station in Col du Pillon and the mountain station with its two restaurants were designed by famed architect, Mario Botta.

Leysin (Lake Geneva Region)
Téle Leysin

The Télé Leysin funicular car would magically transport you to a different world situated at an impressive height of 2048 meters. Bernuese boasts of Kuklos, the revolving restaurant that is surely an experience you would never forget. Scan the horizon and enjoy the sight of some famous mountain peaks like the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. You will also be able to see the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc along with the Geneva Lake sparkling below.

Lungern - Schönbüel (Central Switzerland)
Lungern - Schönbüel panoramic world

Enjoy watching the various intricacies involved in bread baking and chocolate pouring at the family bakery at Turren. Also visit the singing cow stall with 26 animals that sing the farmers songs. Central Switzerland surely has lots to offer in terms of knowledge and enjoyment.

Saas-Grund (Valais)
Saas-Grund - Hohsaas

The cableway takes you up from the bottom station to Kreuzboden that boasts of many well-marked paths, a mountain trout lake and a number of scenic views. Children can look forward to a great time at the Hohsi-Land playground.

Wiler (Valais)
Wiler - Lauchernalp

The Lötschental has long been known for its unspoiled scenic beauty and timeless appeal. Eldorado, a mountain climber's delight opens up from the Lauchernalp onwards.

Brigels/Breil (Graubünden)
Mountain summer dream Brigels Waltensburg Andiast

Enjoy a leisurely journey over the enormous meadow slopes with scattered hay huts and cowsheds as you travel to the holiday oasis of Brigels Waltensburg Andiast.

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