Thursday, October 9, 2008

Switzerland Tourist Attractions

Switzerland Flexi toursSwitzerland is a dream destination in Europe. Famous for its stunning Alpine scenery, Switzerland has been immortalized in movies such as the evergreen musical film - The Sound of Music. Other than the spectacular Alps, Switzerland has many attractions. These include forests with nature trails and hiking paths, lovely lakes, ancient cities, which are beautifully preserved, scenic countryside with picturesque meadows and farms. The architecture and culture of Switzerland have been influenced by the heritage of France, Italy and Germany. This can be seen in the monuments, palaces and castles on journeys through Switzerland with Switzerland Flexi Tours.

The Swiss Alps are visited by tourists and mountaineers from around the world. Towering at heights of over 4,000m the Swiss Alps have some of the best known peaks in the world including The Matterhorn. Snow capped peaks, icy glaciers, rocky crags and awesome spires can be seen in the Swiss Alps. Thick forests and woods with fir and pine and other coniferous trees extend to the edge of calm lakes. Soft sandy stretches invite tourists to plunge in and enjoy a swim in a mountain lake. Rushing streams ripple down hillsides and cascade along the sheer face of steep mountains. Cable cars and quaint cogwheel trains carry tourists along spectacular mountain scenery. Meadows filled with wildflowers entrance the eye of the passer by. Tourists can stay at picturesque chalets and beautiful wayside inns in the Swiss countryside on tours of Switzerland with Switzerland Flexi Tours.

In the Southern areas of Switzerland between the Alps and the Jura Mountains, the climate is pleasanter and similar to the warm Mediterranean weather. Here tourists can see green meadows with well-fed cows, large farms with picturesque flower gardens, busy cities such as Basel, Bern and Zurich, where medieval architecture and modern lifestyles combine. Switzerland is famous for its banks, shopping arcades, fashionable stores and tourist friendly cities. The countryside with its stone churches, lovely landscape and forest-clad hills make a tour of Switzerland quite unforgettable with Switzerland Flexi Tours.

The cities of Switzerland display a range of architecture from the medieval to the modern. Heritage churches and cathedrals, medieval forts and castles, baroque monuments, sleek modern steel and glass construction, all come together in a juxtaposition of styles in Switzerland's stylish cities. Rolling vineyards, castles, chalets, quaint villages and the beautiful city of Geneva surround Lake Geneva in the heart of Switzerland. Here the Alpine scenery meets the Mediterranean landscape in a uniquely Swiss combination. The Jura Mountains or Waatland Alps are also nearby and provide tourists a refreshing tour on their Swiss itinerary.

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