Thursday, October 9, 2008

Castles in SwitzerlandCastles in Switzerland

Alpine slopes, lush green meadows, tinkling cowbells and the fresh aroma of chocolates welcome you to the wonderful country of Switzerland. But apart from its scenic beauty, Switzerland also boasts of a rich history that still lives in the majestic castles that adorn its landscape. Standing proudly for centuries, the castles in Switzerland have never failed to amaze with their sheer grandeur and elegance. No wonder, a trip to Switzerland is never complete without touring the majestic castles in Switzerland.

As you unravel the hidden delights of the castles in Switzerland you will find the rich history of this fairy country coming alive right in front of your eyes. From the rural countryside to the bustling cities, the whole of Switzerland is peppered with castles of varied proportions. So no matter where you are in Switzerland there will always be a castle located nearby for you to explore.

Many of the castles in Switzerland house museums that hark back the past in all its glory. Some of the castles in Switzerland can also be leased for a short period of time thus adding up to a memorable experience. Even budget travelers can have their share of memories as they enjoy a stay at youth hostels that are housed in medieval castles. Enjoy this and much more as Switzerland Flexitours takes you on a fabulous tour around the castles in Switzerland.

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