Wednesday, September 17, 2008

.: Sundarbans
Royal Bengal Tiger in World’s largest Mangrove forests

Spotted deer in Sundarbans

Sundarbans importance is recognised by the United Nations as a World Heritage Site and as one of the last refuse for the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger. Sundarbans has the potential to offer splendid opportunities for tourism. The main tourist spots inside the Sundarbans include Hiron Point (Nilkamal), Katka and Tri Kona Island. These places offer the best vantage points for watching tigers, deer, monkeys, crocodiles and birds. Another major attraction inside the Sundarbans is Dublachar (island), a fishing village. Herds of spotted deer often come to graze here.

Roots in the Mangrove Forest

River in Sundarbans

How to get there

Water transport is the only means of communication to the Sundarbans from Khulna or Mongla port. Private motor launches, speed boats, country boats as well as mechanised vessels of Mongla Port Authority offer regular services on these routes. From Dhaka to Khulna the most enjoyable journey is by paddle steamer ‘Rocket’ that offers visitors a picturesque panorama of rural Bangladesh. Day and night coach services by road are also available. The quickest mode is of course by air from Dhaka to Jessore and then to Khulna by road.

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