Wednesday, September 17, 2008

: Bandarban
The roof of Bangladesh

Bandarban is definitely one of the more beautiful places to visit in Bangladesh. The best time to visit the area is during the winter, and it is definitely the season now. Bandarban is a mountainous area and the hills are quite steep. Bandarban town is a small place, but does have its own accommodation as well as shops. The resort at Bandarban is simply wonderfully maintained and is really affordable. The resort is situated on a hilltop and has a spectacular view. For the more adventurous traveller, leaving the resort for Ruma Bazaar by a Chaader Gari (Moon car) may be a better idea.

Hilly view at Bandarban

From Ruma Bazaar taking a boat ride along the Sangu River can be an amazing experience. One can end up at the small tribal village of Ruma, where there is only one boarding made up of thatch. Getting to the picturesque Boga Lake from there is fairly easy, but it is also a 3-hour hike. The views from all the hilltops and plateau's are simply stunning and definitely worth visiting.


.: Khagrachari
The hilltop town

Khagrachari is the district headquarters of Khagrachari hill district. Connected to Chittagong by a 92 km all-weather metalled road, Khagrachari is ringed by thick rain forests that shelter a wide variety of birds and animals. Here you can visit the tribal lifestyle of Chakmas’ in Khagrachari. You can also visit Alutila hill. Approximately 100 meters long a very dark Cave is the mysterious beauty of Alutila hill. For people seeking nature in a restful mood, Khagrachari is the place.

.: Rangamati
The lake district

The picturesque headquarters of Rangamati Hill District, known for its rare scenic beauty and unspoiled tribal life, is just 77 km from Chittagong by road. It is perched on the banks of 680 sq. km man-made Kaptai Lake. The town ship is located on the western banks of Kaptai Lake.

Rangamati is a favourite resort because of its beautiful landscape, sweet water lake, colourful bribes, tribal museum, hanging bridge, homespun textile products, ivory jewellery and the tribal men and women who fashion them. For tourists the attraction of Rangamati are numerous tribal life fishing, hiking, bathing or merely enjoying nature as it is Rangamati is connected with Chittagong by high standard road network. Different ethnic groups inhabited in the forest created the harmony of the nature.

Hills and Lake in Rangamati

Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation provides good hotel and cottage accommodation, auditorium and meeting room for corporate events, catering, speed boat and other facilities at Rangamati.

View of lake in Rangamati

How to Get There:

Take a bus to Chittagong from Dhaka. From Chittagong there are direct buses to Bandarban. The journey from Chittagong to Bandarban is quite an adventurous one and the roads are really twisted.

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