Thursday, October 9, 2008

Swiss National Museum, ZurichSwiss National Museum, Zurich

A conglomeration of 8 museums spread around the country, the Swiss National Museum offers you a glimpse into the cultural, historical and developmental splendor of glorious Switzerland - that is a dream in deep green and pure snow.

The main section of the Swiss National Museum is located in Zurich, Switzerland and was inaugurated in the year 1898. Set inside a traditional castle like structure that reminds you constantly of the enchanting Swiss lifestyle in the middle ages, the Swiss National Museum in Zurich, displays a wealth of treasures that ranges from articles from the stone age, Roman period to the modern day Swiss implements and crafts.

The high ceiling rooms connected to each other with plush passageways display a storehouse of Swiss gems such as ancient weaponry, armor, crossbows, swords, sculptures, artistic presentations, 15th century stain glasses, silverware, gold objects d' art, coins, textiles and much more.

So set out on history tours to the Swiss National Museum located at Museum Strasse, 2CH -8023, Zurich and walk through enthralling history corridors that show your Roman drinking bowls, silverware, attires, pre-historic arts and crafts apart from enchanting 17th century china, dollhouses and more.

Find out more about the Swiss culture that is a colorful kaleidoscope of traditions, culture and monumental splendor.

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