Thursday, October 9, 2008

Swiss Alps - Switzerland

Switzerland Flexi Tours, Swiss AlpsThe Swiss Alps are what most tourists come to see in Switzerland. Whether mountaineers seeking to scale a towering peak, tourists on a nature trail or amateur photographers wishing to capture a perfect picture, the Swiss Alps fascinate all who come to Switzerland.

The mountain range known as the Alps which are seen on the horizon, wherever you look when you're in Switzerland, are a significant feature which impact the climate and living conditions of Switzerland. Beginning in France, the Alps extend over most of Switzerland (around 60%) and reach into neighboring Austria. There are many glaciers in Switzerland and one its popular trains which passes these scenic glaciers is called the Glacier Express. The Swiss Alps are the source of the snow-fed rivers Rhine and Rhone that flow across Europe. Tours of the Swiss Alps with Switzerland Flexi Tours will offer you a complete Switzerland experience.

The two mountain ranges in Switzerland are the Swiss Alps and the Jura Mountains. The Jura Mountains are seen along the border between France and Switzerland. It is named after the ancient Celtic term for Forest. The region known as the Bernese Mittelland or the Middle land of the region around Berne is the plateau region between the Swiss Alps and the Jura Mountains. The gentle hills of this region are the characteristic image of the Swiss countryside, with its farms and meadows. Warmed by the sun and by the Fohn, a southerly wind as well as cooled by the Bise, a cold northwesterly wind, the Bernese Mittleland and the Swiss Alps are beautiful country for skiers and winter sports enthusiasts. The highest mountains in Switzerland are the Dufourspitze, which is 15,203 feet high, the Dom, which is 14,913 feet high and the Matterhorn, which rises to an altitude of 14,691 feet. The combination of mountains, clear air and beautiful scenery make the Swiss Alps a memorable sight when you travel with Switzerland Flexi Tours.

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