Thursday, September 25, 2008


Zürich is the new Berlin. No hesitation, no competition. This formerly staid banking capital has experienced such a creative explosion in recent years, and such a mushrooming of innovative bars, restaurants and shops that it resembles Berlin's salad days of the mid-eighties and early nineties.

The city straddles the Limmat River as it leaves Lake Zürich. The pedestrian streets of the old town contain most of the major sights, including winding alleyways, 16th and 17th century houses, guildhalls and courtyards, and rather a lot of fountains (1030 if you're taking notes).

Bahnhofstrasse, Rennweg

Dawdle in front of well-executed shop windows, enjoy a coffee there, watch the world go by, and of course, shop to your heart's content: Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse has long had the reputation for being one of the world's premiere shopping venues. Whether you are looking for watches, chocolate, accessories, fashion, or antiques, you will find it here or close by. And of course, one of the most prominent stores on Bahnhofstrasse is Bucherer, a Switzerland Tourism partner, a wonderful place to find top-notch watches and jewellery.

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