Sunday, September 14, 2008

worlds famous Royal Bengal Tiger

Just south of Calcutta, Sunderban is one of the most unique ecosystems in this part of the world. It is dominated by mangrove forests and gets its name from the Sundari (Heritiera foams) trees. Situated at the mouths of the Ganges, Sunderban spreads over 54 islands and two countries (India's West Bengal and Bangladesh) and is part of the world's largest delta region.
Sunderban covers an area of 4262 sq. kms in India. The Sunderban Tiger Project was started in 1974 and has an area of 2585 sq. kms. The core area is 1330 sq. kms and is a national forest and UNESCO world heritage site. Sunderban is home to the largest number of wild tigers in the world.
Though there are several entry points to the Sunderbans, the most popular is Port Canning which is connected by suburban railway to Calcutta. Organized boat tours leave Port Canning for the forests.

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