Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Amazon

Venturing into the Amazon ~ Kim Tally finds herself dwarfed by the Amazon as she floats down the river on a boat. She marvels at the natural wonders of the Amazon: the water, the sky, the creatures, and the jungle.


Save Me a Spot Near Evita ~ Cara Frost Sharratt discovers that it takes a while to warm to this Argentinean city as she searches for Eva Peron's grave, discovers the importance of food in Argentinean culture, and becomes acquainted with the atmosphere of Buenos Aires.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica's Cadence ~ While at language school in Samara, Costa Rica, Johanna Kato finds her surroundings lusciously sensuous. Navigating her way across the beach to and from her classes each day and becoming acquainted with this colorful new place, Johanna finds herself traversing an unusual and surprising terrain.

Baptized by the Rainforest ~ Marcie Pullman escapes from the world into Costa Rican rainforest, where she battles the elements with nothing but a bicycle and 40 pounds of waterproof gear for 800 kilometers.

United States of America

New York Wandering ~ Rachel Quinlivan takes a stroll through the city streets, trying to pinpoint just what it is that makes this artistic, creative city so magical.

Report from the Frontier: Toroweap & The Lava Falls Route ~ Nickolay Todorov tries his luck at the precipitous Lava Falls Route down the steep valley of the Grand Canyon, slipping and sliding down the magnificent scenery, desperate to reach the Colorado River below.

Hang Up Your Guns ~ Ken James used to find the thrill of hunting an essential part of his year. Now he shoots the natural world in a completely different way.


Quetzalc√≥atl’s Mortality ~ Anwar Ali went to Cali, Colombia, to teach English to schoolchildren, but soon found that he had his work cut out for him. Frustrated by his lack of progress with the children, Ali discusses his reasons for returning home.


GuatemalaLearning From the Land in Guatemala ~ La Florida is a cooperative coffee plantation, where, as Laura Fitch discovers, days are long, tortillas are ubiquitous, and the celebrations are lively. During her time in Guatemala, Fitch learns the art of regional cooking, the tenses of the local language, and the strength of a people who, despite their own poverty, always have so much to give.

On the Chicken Bus to Antigua ~ Brendan Sainsbury gets a glimpse into the true shades of Guatemala traveling on a chicken bus from Guatemala City to Antigua Guatemala, and discovers that sometimes the journey is more important than the arrival.


Notes from Cuzco ~ Namit Arora explores the Inca treasures and cultural intrigues in and around the urban center of Cuzco. From the dizzying heights of Macchu Picchu, the ancient Inca fortress, to the belly-up local delicacy of Cuy (guinea pig) and from the colorful market in the center of town to a ruined Inca temple, Arora discovers that the past and the present live hand in hand in this ancient world.


Chickens in a Church ~ The Spanish brought Christianity to Mexico, but in the Mexican village of San Juan Chamula, the Catholic ceremonies have a distinctively Mayan flavour. James Matthews takes us into the church where worshippers pray to St. John the Baptist and break the necks of chickens for healing.

The Last Baja Sunset ~ Alastair Bland walked, alone, through the deserts and across the beaches of Baja California, Mexico for seven months with nothing but a backpack and a spear, living off the land. His last day in the desert was a day of inner turmoil, and in this article he wrestles with his own thoughts in this desolate land.

Surreal Inspiration in Mexico's Back Woods ~ Nicholas Travers traveled well off the beaten track in Mexico's Sierra Madre to find Xilitla, a town famous for its surreal garden, designed by a wildly eccentric Englishman named Edward James. He finds James' eccentricity resulted in a surreal combination of nature and architecture.

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